Shower Curtain Extension

Here's the tutorial on my pleated shower curtain extension, that I promised!
Once again... I'm sharing, because I am a fan of "how-to's"... but keep in mind... I am STILL just learning how to sew. lol.  and have a LOT to learn!

The whole reason I wanted to do this extension was because I wanted to raise the shower bar up about 6 or 7 inches, to make the room feel a bit taller... BUT regular shower curtains just... don't come long enough.

Enter the shower curtain extension!
(PS... thanks for all the comments about what color I should do on the bottom panel!  It's why I chose the pink!... I love my readers!)

First I started by cutting about 10 inches (width) and DOUBLE my shower curtain's length, of pink fabric in 2 strips.
(so it would be long enough, once you pleat.  I actually didn't use QUITE the double length.)

I ironed it all out, so that it was easy to work with
(you may not have to do this, if YOUR kids don't use your fabric as capes, dresses, and blankets, before YOU actually get to it. lol)

I then sewed the two pieces together... and ironed down the seam, so it was nice and flat...

like this.

then I ironed down a seam, guide, so I didn't need any pins, to make straight lines, to sew the edges all nice.

Once all edges were sewn... I started the "pleating" process.
This DID take some time, but it wasn't too bad.
I just gathered the material in one direction, and pinned, and then the other direction, and pinned.
Like so!

Once that was done, I sewed along the top line of the pleats, to keep them together.

Then I attached, with pins, the pleat.. to the bottom of the shower curtain.

Like so.

Sewed a straight line, to combine both of those.
I sewed farther down, leaving all this material on the back... because I didn't need QUITE all that length, I thought.... but if you actually MEASURE you're length first, from your shower curtain, to your floor... you'll be fine.
(who has the time to bother with THOSE kinda details. **blush**)

The front will look like this!

And now, finished!
There you go!  A shower curtain extension.
So easy.
It totally makes the room feel bigger... having that rod up, even 6 inches more!

Okay... so you could TOTALLY use a super cute bed skirt for this too!
but I just couldn't find the right color... so I used fabric.

Seriously though... you could skip MOST of these steps, if you found a bed skirt that worked!!!


  1. Pink was a good choice. (I want to see the whole thing, from far back!)

    Do you know how to ruffle by basting? It wouldnt be the same look, but easier than all those pins methinks.

  2. Having little girls is great because you have every excuse in the world to use the color PINK!You did a great job, especially since you are learning to sew! I once sewed some fabric on the bottom of a shower curtain that I used to replace sliding closet doors. I also made a box-pleated crib skirt for my oldest daughter.

    Having little girls is great because you have every excuse in the world to use the color PINK!

  3. Oh, I love it! I plan on doing something similar in my kids bathroom. I am wondering though, did you extend the length on the shower lining (the plastic part)? or did you find an extra long one or is it on a different rod? Just trying to figure it out before I tackle my bathroom.

  4. The touch of pink is super cute...that's a great idea for lengthening bedskirts too. Mine are too short cause I use those bed risers.

  5. I just found your blog and I have to say I love it! Why have I not seen you before! All your projects are just awesome! I could stay on here all night but have the little ones to tend too :) I'll be coming by again soon.
    Take care

  6. I'm just finding your blog from 320 Sycamore!! I'm so excited!

    This tutorial is very detailed...thank you! You almost make someone like me (a TOTAL non-sewer) think I could tackle this. ;)

  7. Great tutorial and your curtain looks so pretty now! I've got this linked to my shower curtains post too today, well done!


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