Entryway Table Revamp: Painting Furniture

Finally! This little guy is DONE... (till I want to paint it again... is what the hubby says. LOL)
I can guarantee you that I'm not painting this thing, again... for a LOOOONG while! lol.
Not that it was even hard... It was just one of those projects that stare you in the face... that you just can't seem to get motivated enough to finish!
Maybe it was the cold... maybe is was the lack of time... either way... it's done now!

Remember how this poor guy sat in the garage for a few months... primmed and ready to paint?

Well, now he looks like THIS!
I debated on about a million different colors to paint this perfect entryway table, and when I thought that yellow, blue, or green was going to be IT... I would always resort back to white.
So white it is. I hope to decorate the table top with lots of color... so I'm thinking that I went the right direction now, for sure!
I'm in love with these cute knobs from Hobby Lobby. Just the right touch of added color!

Re-doing this table was fairly simple...
primmed and painted the doors, drawers and table... with spray primmer... the BEST! SO easy!

Painted everything regular ol' Valspar semi-gloss white, from the can, with a small non textured roller.

took some sandpaper to the places I wanted distressed.

resprayed all the hardware, white.

Tip: Stick your screws into cardboard to spray them easily, without rolling around!

Used my fav. mixture of
Valspar's clear mixing glaze and equal parts of black craft paint

applied on the exposed, sanded surfaces, wiped with a damp rag
and wa-la!
Because the paint was already semi-gloss and had a lot of shine... I didn't add any poly.
I didn't before, when it was red either... and it held up great!

It really is so fun to have this in our "evolving" entryway. lol.
The new clean, crisp look is JUST what I was going for!


  1. I LOVE your entry way now. It looks much brighter and welcoming. Can I ask where you found your table? We have an odd entry way with the front door on one wall and the closet door on the opposite wall. Yet the wall between the two needs something, but it can't be very wide. Something like this thinner table would be perfect.

  2. I really like this table...such character...and I like how you aged it a bit...Nice job!

  3. Really cute redo. The white lets you be so versatile for all seasons. Beautiful job.

  4. wow i love it! great idea to distress it, and those knobs are divine.

  5. oh i love it! it's amazing what some nice fresh white paint can do. it looks so soft and i love the knobs you chose. nice work!

  6. Well, isn't that just a perfect fit for that spot?

    What a quaint little table, I like how the little doors open on it, instead of ALL drawers.
    Very unique.

  7. Love the table...you make it look easy...After a hard week, spending a relaxing hour of blog hopping.

    So glad I stopped by your blog. Happy Easter

  8. Such a lovely table and you did a great job! I agree, it does have a crisp look, which is so appropriate in your entry. Well done!

  9. love the knobs and it seems perfect for that space

  10. Love the distressing and knobs! It looks like a completely different piece now!

  11. What a wonderful table for a foyer. It's hard to find those skinny little tables, with storage to boot. I love the new white finish as well. Wonderful work!

  12. It's lovely! Perfect amount of distressing. It's an ideal entryway table!

  13. looks great i love white ..suzanne

  14. LOVE the white!! It looks like a completely different table! I wish I had it in my front entry! :)

    Thanks for joining my Tuesday Talent Show!!

  15. Love the table and how you styled it. Makes for a beautiful photo. (It goes without saying that it makes for a beautiful entryway too!)

  16. Just letting you know that I featured your project here:


  17. oh my goodness! i want my house to look like your house. ALL of it! beautiful!

  18. love this - cant wait to try it in my entry way

  19. I love this! Can you tell me where you got this table?

  20. Your table is the perfect size and the re-do looks great! Where did you find that table?

  21. Love Love the table! Did you build it yourself?

  22. Love Love the table! Did you build it yourself? If not where did you find this gem? I need a thin table too.


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