Entryway Chandelier Revamp

{Entryway Chandelier Revamp}
About 3 or so months ago I met this sassy chick! One of my MOST favorite bloggers here in Utah, for SURE!  Jen from Tatertots and Jello is so fun, talented and sweet.
Jen was in need of some vinyl, for her daughters room, and I was in need of her old kitchen chandelier... lol... that I noticed in a recent post, she had ditched for a more modern looking fixture, to match her style.
So... a-swapin' we went!

This is how the chandy looked when I got it.
It had some shades on it too... just kind of some papery ones that came with the fixture, when Jen bought it.
I knew exactly where this pretty lil' thing was going... once I had it in possession........ one word...


So I went to work. Hung it on my professional "chandelier hanging apparatus"
sometimes people call it a garage. Either way... works wonders!...

And then got my spray on!
Please excuse the no makeup/awful grown out roots, greasy hair look...

I know you can get those fancy... spray helper guys, that attach onto the can, but I didn't have one...
cue, sore, cramped sticky spray finger. lol.

This is what the chandelier looked like after about 4 cans of flat white spray paint, and a new cord cover!
You can find the tutorial for that HERE

Then Cason used some of his hotty-guy electrician skills...

And Ta-da! There she is! So pretty!
**minus the fact that after we took the "boob light" down, there was a big ring around the ceiling that we have to touch up.

I am SERIOUSLY in love with how this entry way is panning out!
I loooove it!


  1. Congratulations! I have awarded to a Beautiful Bloggger Award! Come on down for all the details! Thanks for being so inspiring.

  2. Just found your blog from 320 sycamore.
    I love all your ideas (and I have twins too!).

    Thanks for posting this, I can't believe I have that EXACT light fixture, and I have been a little hesitant to paint it white... now I will be!

  3. Krylon makes an easy touch spray paint that is SO MUCH EASIER on the finger. Seriously. I have been painting baskets with a regular spray paint and after 27 baskets I cannot move my arm, even 2 days later. I dont have that issue with the Krylon stuff.

  4. I am in love with how your entry way is turning out too! *Can you hear the cat whistle yet?

    It's beautiful!

  5. You have inspired me. I bought an old chandelier.. ugly! and I am gonna make it beautiful. Thanks for all the great idea. Both my girls and I love your blog!



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