Vinyl Simplify Board Tutorial

Such a great word.
This word has been tagging along, right behind my New Years resolution of, "Balance" this year.
They really go hand in hand.
To me... you can't HAVE balance without a little "simplification" in your life... am I wrong?

I felt the need to display this great word in my house to remind me daily, that I need to try to
"Live Simple" in ALL aspects of my life.
Or at least stop making things so dang complicated and stressful! lol
When it comes to my home, blogging, family... the small and simple things,
to me, are what really end up mattering the most!

So here is a quick little tutorial on how I made my board.

I started off with an unfinished piece of wood with the below measurements.
The sides were sanded at a bit of an angle, to give the board some dimension,
but you don't have to do that. 

Then I just used some leftover paint from my pantry project a while back that I had, called Flagstone from Olympic.

I painted the board with a couple coats of that, let it dry completely, sanded the edges to expose the wood, and then used my distress ink to darken the edges a bit.

Then I took my vinyl, centered it, taped it down on the top, to create a hinge, for easy application, removed the backing paper, smoothed down the decal and sticky transfer tape onto the board from the center out, and then removed the transfer tape to reveal the word!
After that was done, I also added a picture hanger to the back.

Then I went out, in the FA-REEEZING weather,
to give my board a finishing spray...

with some Americana Sealer/Finisher gloss.
this step is optional, but it does help protect the board  a bit,
and give it a nice finished look, especially if you're using a flat paint, like I did.

And you're done!

I actually am hanging mine here, above my pantry in the kitchen.
It may sound kind of funny, but I feel like our pantry (yes, STILL without a door! lol) is kind of a reminder to how nice things can STAY if they are simplified and organized!

I know that lots of other bloggers have talked about a specific phrase or word that they are using to
"round out" their new 2011 year... do you have one!?


  1. Ahhh, I like that reminder: You do need to simplify in order to maintain, or should I say find, balance. I love the reminder sign. You always make such cute signs.

  2. We have made or family motto Simplify also. I think a lot of people are feeling a need to get back to basics & filter out the craziness that seems to fill our world today. Love the project by the way :)

  3. Very cute! Glad I'm not the ONLY one with doorless areas all over my house. This is the house that will never be finished, I swear.

  4. Awesome! Since that is the "word" I chose for this year...I have to have one!! Love it!! And, I agree it goes right along with balance.

  5. Very cute idea! I think I will adopt "simplify" as my word of the year as well:)

  6. Awesome sign, love the message! Question: did you not have any issues spraying it in the cold temperatures? I am always afraid to work on something when it is below 50 degrees.

  7. Thanks so much for this easy to follow tutorial! I need something simple that I can feel accomplished about to start off this new year! And I just got a sillhouette! I'm going to learn as I go!

  8. Beautiful sign, looks great hanging in you kitchen.

  9. Love this tutorial! Such a cute sign with such an important message! Your vinyl looks a lot like Uppercase Living..which is the only vinyl lettering I am familiar with. I am also obsessed with it! I recently repaint my living room, kitchen, and hallway & lost 3 of my UL expressions :( I am looking to replace them. I will check out your Wonderfully Wordy site to look into that! Thanks for your post!

  10. I completely agree! That is definitely one of the words for my new year along with exhale!!!! The sign is beautiful and I am loving your pantry!

  11. My word for 2011 is "Embrace" as in embracing everything that comes my way with a happy, positive attitude. We'll see how I do!

    Love the word simplify. It fits for everything!

  12. LOVE this decal Shelley :) Perfect phrase for the new year!

  13. i dig it :) That motto is exactly what our little family needs for the new year! Sticking to the basics...the important things...and everything else will fall into place :)

    PS - the font on your sign is per-fect!

  14. Love this, thanks for posting! Do you mind if I re-post the tutorial on my blog and link it back here?

  15. very cute, this is my word of the year! i have made a couple of things already with the word on it, maybe i will make one of these but i dont want to over do and my husband think i am adding to much stuff instead of simplifying!

  16. Hi Shelley,
    the board looks really nice! I guess that's a good motto for each of us living a little too busy life..
    I just looooove your vinyls, no chance you'd ship to Finland? LoL. The ones available here are just booooring, and all the same. Check out almost any Finnish blog about decorating, and you'll see the same texts with the same fonts.. (my house is no different, lol).
    I try to live by Live well, Laugh often, Love much. Thanks to mu hubby the last two ones are easy!
    All the best to you and your family.

  17. actually simplify is my chosen word for 2011. simplify....my time, my budget, my home.

  18. I haven't implemented it yet, but ours is going to be "Even if all, not I". Got it from a church lesson to not follow in everyone elses footsteps. But simplify is on my resolution list, so I might have to get me one!!

  19. LOVED this project so much that I took a couple hours and made my own! I still like yours a lot better, but it was the closest I could come using paint. :) Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!


  20. You did a great job on this! I've never used the distressing ink. Does it work well? We're about to take on a major painting of our bedroom furniture and want to distress it. Where do you find it?

  21. Love it. I am so getting it! Can I ask what font you used for the word? I love it!

  22. LOVE it! We could all use a little reminder to simplify our lives!

  23. I love the reminder sign. I guess that's a good motto for each of us living a little too busy life...

    Sherman Unkefer

  24. I love your blog, great ideas and beautiful taste!

  25. Hi Shellie! Can u tell me which font u used for your cute simplify sign? Thanks.

  26. Good Job Bob! Love that sign! and I'm so going to bed right now and dreaming of a nice and tighty pantry like yours.
    Hearts, SJ

  27. Love that font. I have a friend who also has "simplify" hung on her wall and she puposely hung it crooked. She told me everytime she sees it and wants to straighten it it's her reminder to let go of the little things that don't matter (like the crooked sign). I LOVE that... although I don't think I could do it, I'd go beserk!! I guess I need to work on simplifying too. It isn't as easy as it sounds!
    PS Just recently found your blog (apparently I have been living on a different planet) and I love it!

  28. Ohh, I love this tutorial! Thank you!

  29. LOVE that!! what font did you use? that's beautiful!

  30. Love this cute idea and totally agree with you- I need to simplify and balance and moderate my life! So glad I found you from Megan's blog. I adore you already!! And wow, your family is beautiful! What stunning girlies you have (: xo

  31. awesome! i need to simplify too. i worked on that yesterday by finally taking down the christmas tree, LOL. i too have always been a breathe through the mouth with cleaning toilets, changing diapers, etc, HA!

  32. I loved your pantry make-over post over at 'Honey We're Home'! Such an amazing DIY showcase!

    x Charlotta

  33. I love this! I really need to simplify, too.

    And I LOVE your blog! I'm a new follower :) Thanks for all of your inspiration!

  34. I am so late to this post, but I recently just bought my first home and I have suddenly become addicted to all decorating blogs. I have the same pantry in my kitchen... the previous owners threw contact paper over wood and there are no doors. We plan on putting in a dishwasher there and leaving the top open to display cool cannisters like you have. I will add this photo to my inspiration board, if you don't mind.

  35. Your blog is so inspiring....thanks for sharing all your fun stuff! I wish I could pay you to come and do an house makeover for me! Can I ask what font you used for this simplify board?

  36. I wrote a comment yesterday and I just now read your post about being able to email back and I think I just fixed it....
    I LOVE your blog it is wonderful. Seriously everytime I read I can just feel your enthusiasm for life, thanks! I wish I could pay you to come and do a house revamp you are amazing! Thanks...can I ask what font Simplify is?


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