Hallway/Entryway Before & After

Okay folks... here it is!  finally, right!? jeesh :)
The big picture...  With the entire entryway and hallway, together!
It's so nice to have this area... done presentable! :)
I'm thrilled with how things came together!

While Ronda and I were out shopping one day, she spotted these AWESOME corbels and I KNEW I had to have them!
Originally I thought I might leave them as they were, but in the end, they were just a bit too dark for the space, and the brown just stuck out too much against the light paint.
So I gave them a coat or two of flat white and then just rubbed them up a bit.

LOVE them even more! :)
I really wanted to be able to take these cool pieces with us, if we ever move, so we did a little different application with these.  We actually put some command picture hanging strips on the backsides... stuck them up there and then just caulked around the whole thing.
That way we can pull them down, and just have to do a bit of sanding and paint touch up, if we need to take them with us.

I love how they kinda... frame the sign a bit too... makes it look a little more cozy than before.

Sorry it's taken a while to get these pictures together... life has been a BIT crazy around here!
Cason's home with the stomach flu today... I have a cold sore the size of CHINA on my lip (ew)
and currently have a two and a half year old crying under my computer desk.
.........oh, and it's officially lunch time. uggggh. LOL
Life is sure ... FULL today, to say the least.


  1. Ok, so I have been blog-stalking you for a while now but I just had to leave a comment after seeing this amazing transformation! I LOVE your entry way.
    Oh, and I just love your adorable personality. You are exactly the kind of person I wish I knew in real life! I need a BFF just like you!

    Keep up the wonderful work!

  2. I would be really honored if you featured my blue dresser! I just love your blog : ) Thanks for all the inspiration. p.s your entry way is looking really lovely. Aja

  3. Shelley- I love it!! PERFECT touches to everything. Sorry you guys are down if you need anything let me know. -Kaylynn

  4. beautiful!!! you have such great taste! I know it took a long time to get it "presentable" and your hard work has truly paid off!

  5. Great job! Love the warmth feeling you have created.


  6. I love it!! I loved it before too :) The corbel thingies are awesome!! love em'

  7. Do you watch Sarah's house? I have been on the hunt for the perfect corbels after seeing her use them in the farmhouse she was redoing.

    I CANNOT use command adhesive in this house. It falls off. Weird.

  8. Looks lovely....it is funny though, when I saw photos of your hallway last week, and I could see part of the stairs, I thought you were showing us an upstairs hallway...now I realise it is right next to your front door! Hehe, funny how my mind 'put' your house photos together and got the wrong end of the stick :)

  9. Woo hoo! Love the cobels, and command adhesive rocks!!!! Your entry looks awesome!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I really want to copy eveything you do, so just be aware there might be a home in Wyoming looking just like yours! LOL

  11. Gorgeous. I love it and especially that sign. I may have to steal that idea.

  12. That looks great. I love the pictures and the corballs (is that how you spell that) Oh well, I love them anyway.

  13. PRESH~ISS.

    Oh the vision it takes to make a house a home!

    I cannot wait until i get a home of my own again.

    well, sorry about your "China". and sick hubby...they are sooo whiney when they are sick.

    your awesome!


  14. LOVE it!!! very bright and elegant looking now!! Kudo's to you!!

  15. Oh wow! Its gorgeous!! Please come to my house! :)

  16. Shellie, I'm pretty much going to copy you exactly in my new house because yours is so awesome. What is your paint color? I love it.

  17. You have done a fabulous job. Doesn't surprise me. Hope life is going well. Hope Cason feels better soon and your cold sore goes away fast.

  18. Shellie, your hallway is clean and simple, but with so much style! Kudos! I, too, would like to know the wall color? It is such a soothing color.

  19. ok, it's official! i love your blog, it's a favorite!! your entry way is gorgeous, i love your style :)

  20. Wow your entry way is beautiful, can I ask what kind/color of paint you used! You are an inspiration for sure!

  21. wow I absolutely love that!!! Your transformation was sooooo awesome! brooke
    I am your newest follower and hope that you will come be a follower at my blog!!! brooke
    Girl Boy Girl Inspired

  22. what color is the paint on the walls? I love it!

  23. THis is super chic and so clean looking... You just inspired me once again to get some new paint and look at things in a fresh way!

  24. I love your white photo frames did you make them or buy them ?


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