Crossing Over: Our new Ride

You know you'll NEVER AGAIN be able to win the...
"I bought you the BEST present EVER" award, when...

Your Hubby truly, honestly... like... you had NO IDEA, surprises you with a
new freakin' CAR for your birthday!!!

Yes... We've officially gone from the
A "Sexy Flexy"
Or a Ford Flex, to be exact... :)

Let me tell you...
Even though I acted mildly bratty when I first saw it...
Rolling my eyes at my poor hubby when he directed me outside
in our driveway and yelling at him...
"What!?  Are you freakin' kidding me!?
We don't have TIME to be test driving cars today!  Take it BACK!"
...I really DO love it. LOL.

Gimmie a BREAK!  It's a new CAR!
Like... in MY world... it goes... House.... Car.... Couch....you get the idea.
Big purchases, that you DON'T make WITHOUT asking your significant other...
am I wrong?
lol ... is it sad that a couch is our next "big purchase" after a house and car??? LOL... priorities people!

And for about 6 MONTHS all Cason talked about was...
"Going to test drive new cars"
Who wants to do that... unless you can TAKE ONE HOME... right!?

Well... little did I know that our van was in BAD shape, and Cason didn't want to stress me out about it... with how busy I've been with work and such.
(what a SMART boy!)
Transmission was going, breaks and struts needed replacing, tires were balding...paint was chipping
(this I knew)... and Cason told me that he...
"Refused to put ONE MORE PENNY into that van!"

See... this last year I paid off HIS little commuter car, in full, with money I had been earning from vinyl work.
I teased him when I made the final payment saying... "You owe me, buddy!"
But I wasn't serious!  His is mine, and mine is his!

But secretly he had been stashing away his hard earned money to pay off the rest of our van's loan, to surprise me with this pretty lady for my birthday...
Our Christmas AND Anniversary present!
please tell me that we're not the ONLY couple
who has made this justification when making a MUCH needed, but LARGE purchase.

Anyway, needless to say, I felt pretty dang spoiled this time around...
Although . . . my guy is always REALLY good at that :)
He even took my bratty be-hind out to dinner!  At my favorite restaurant, with my brother and sister in law... to wrap up this award winning birthday :)
We had a really fun time.

Thanks babe... for sneeky surprises, and tuxedo cheesecake...
What more could a girl ask for on her big 2-8?

ps. My big brother snapped all of these pictures the night of my birthday with his new camera.
Thanks Mike, for capturing such great moments.
I love them all!


  1. Awww...that's so sweet of him! He gets some points for that one!

  2. First, a belated happy birthday to you! Second: WOW, WOW, WOW. Lucky you in so many ways. :)

  3. Whoa!! What an awesome hubby!! Glad that your birthday was fabulous. love reading your blog.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Aww, Happy Birthday, you young thing! I am 39, still feel 28 though, hahahaha :)

    xx Karen

  5. Wow what a fantatsic present, way to go Cason. YOu fold laundry and get awesome presents. what every girls wants. Happy Birthday Shelly I am sure it was great.

  6. What a great surprise!! My hubby's been known to go out for "an hour" and return hours later with a new car!! How can you get mad at the fact he said he'd be back in an hour, returns 3 hours later, but brings you a new car?!!! Your brother took some great pictures.

  7. Oh! Happy Birthday! One to remember for sure.
    Loooove the new car.
    My 26th birthday is in two weeks...better email this post to my hubby. Ha! I kid.
    Good job Cason!!

  8. Wooohooo! High five to Cason! Enjoy your new ride.

  9. Well Happy Birthday! Love the new car, my hubby and I tested drove one (Ford Flex) and I didn't want to when we got there but once we sat in it I was sold. What a fun surprise and an amazing hubby you have! What a fun memory!

  10. You two are the cutest darn couple ever. Happy belated birthday!!!

  11. You two are absolutely adorable! I love it. Happy Birthday! What an amazing gift . . . Wanted to let you know that even though I haven't been blogging, I always check your site. You inspire me to continue when I think I'm going to stop blogging :-)

  12. Wow!!!! What a neat surprise. I love a new car :)

  13. Dang! Nice birthday present :) My in-laws have a flex and they LOVE it... and I love riding in it!

    Is that the color that yours is? They've got a dark maroon one with a white top, but I really like the look of the picture you posted!

    Enjoy your awesome new car!!

  14. Oh my!! Cason's such a sweetheart... you deserve it all!! Happy Birthday!!!

  15. that's awesome! we do that with big gifts, too, since my bday is in the fall and our anniversay is close to xmas. enjoy your new ride!

  16. love it! congrats on the new car! and happy birthday!

  17. Happy Birthday! I just had my birthday day also on the 13th. Didn't get a car though :) Lucky you! My neighbor has a flex and abbbsolutely loooves it~as I'm sure you will too :)

  18. Woohoo!!! AWESOME Gift!!!!!! We won an ebay bid for my car on Christmas day a couple years ago and that's the closest I got, but it was pretty cool. Congrats!!!

  19. OH MY GOODNESS! Happy belated birthday, and you are ONE lucky girl! I envy your car. :) I seriously am at a loss for words, but this is seriously the coolest birthday present I can think of, and I totally loved your response! Mine probably would have been the same! haha.

  20. OH Shelley,

    That's so beautiful!!!! What a lucky girl... And yes we also justify big purchases as b'day, Christmas & Anniversary (12/29 thank you, LOL) as one gift. I'm so happy for you!!!! Happy B'day girl... You deserve it and oh on Friday Happy Anniversary (I remember cause it's Jake's b'day too)

    Love ya... Kristin

  21. That is a very sweet hubby and fantastic surprise! Lucky you!
    We are hoping to purchase a GMC Terrain shortly after the new year. Fingers crossed I can get hubby's truck loan paid off and then it's buh-bye for my car.
    And yes... we justify big purchases the same way- what holidays are coming up because this is for ALL of those! haha

  22. Girl that is great that you have a flex too now. I seriously love my car. One of my most favorite things is that Cam fits in it comfortably. We are flex drivin' fools together. Nice...

  23. Happy Birthday Shelley!! You two are too cute :)What a AWESOME suprise!!

  24. WOoo hoo!!! New Car! Send that hubby over here!! Well, I have my own but WE NEED A NEW CAR!!!! Tahoe - power steering & heat have now gone out but we can't take it to go get fixed because my explorer is in the shop with $1400 worth of wheel barings and bled door (? Whatever that is...). Oh and did I mention that they top out at 14 miles to the gallon. Tax check time. My husband and I look like we have a thing for white SUVs. His the big papa one mine the smaller one. But no more. Bring on a car. Or whatever. :)

    Happy birthday!! {P.S A couch is a very big deal!}

  25. 1. Happy Birthday Shelley!!! You gorgeous girl I hope the birthday was fantastic (I think it would have been).
    and 2. I love Cason. What a guy.

  26. Awwww....sweet! Happy Birthday!

  27. WOW!! You have a good man. A very good man. :) Congrats girl! New cars are the bomb!! I drive a big old pickup truck (weird right?!), but at least it's paid for! lol You better bring out the big guns for Christmas. hehe

  28. First of all...Happy Birthday! Second - Congrats on the new car! Third: Keep that man, he's an awesome gift giver! :)

  29. Holy COW!!!! LOOOOOVE IT! What a great guy! I ham glad your birthday was so great!

  30. Happy Belated Birthday!! Love the vehicle. You look beautiful.

  31. You are one lucky lady! Where can I find me a (tall) guy like that? Lol. Cute fam. Cute house. Love all the craftyness.

  32. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! You deserve it. We had the same thing happen to our Chevy Minivan...then one day Hubby decided it's time for an early Christmas present...we went and got the 2011 Honda Odyssey....Love it! You will too! No more breakdowns, or chitty chitty bang bangs! LOL TFS. Bug Hugs!

  33. Shelley, What a fun surprise!?! So happy you had a great birthday! Dude...We just bought a "swagger wagon" and I swore I would never, ever, buy a van...but I LOVE IT!!

    Enjoy your new ride!!

  34. What a wonderful surprise! Happy Birthday!

  35. happy birthday!!! woo-hoo, new car!

  36. That is freakin awesome!!! Happy birthday! I can't believe you are only 28! You are just 5 years older than me but I feel like you totally have your life WAY more together than I do!! Ahhh I feel so behind now! LOL

  37. that punk rocker bought you a car??? giddy up!!! sweet ride!
    happy birthday!!

  38. Happy Birthday! What a awesome hubby you have! Enjoy your new car!

  39. So glad you got a FLEX! My hubby is a Ford dealer so I am lucky enough to drive one and I absolutely love it! I know you will too!

  40. Wowee!!! ...and Happy belated day!!
    What a man! It's hard to imagine that husbands fold laundry and buy new cars for their wifes! They do that, really?! hehe
    BTW-you and Carly look super cute! (We were friends in high school!-Tell her I said hi, will ya!).
    Have a great Christmas!

  41. Wow! I've never met anybody that had the whole, birthday, anniversary, Christmas in the same month, too! We're the same age even! Too funny! My birthday is 12/10/82 & our anniversary is 12/19/03. We even went & threw in a sweet lil' girl that was born on 12/16/08! LOL

    Love your blog! Lots of inspiration (which is good as I have a very similar style)! ;) Keep it coming! You guys have a beautiful home!!

  42. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday! LOVE the sexy flexy!!

  43. Happy Belated Birthday! Ok, I have to know--how is the Flex with 3 carseats (do you have all your kids in carseats?) and how is the gas mileage? I'm expecting our 3rd baby and we are debating between the new Odyssey (I want) and the Flex (he wants). I will be test driving both..

  44. I have been wanting the Ford Flex ever since it was announced to come out in 2007. When it finally did in 2008 we were about to have our 2nd baby and had our current SUV almost paid off. And I'm still driving it dreaming of the FLEX. But for now while were paying off some other debt I am fine driving my faithful friend around until the day my hubby surprises me. HAHA Ya right. You are a lucky girl!!! Congrats! Do you still love it after a couple months? IS there anything you would change?? And happy belated Birthday!!


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