Blue, Green, White and Silver Christmas Decorating Ideas

I know, I know.  We haven't even gotten to Thanksgiving yet... and I have Christmas up!
Maybe I should move to Canada... I hear that after Halloween, Christmas is the next big holiday :)
But let's get real... it's EVERYWHERE you turn now.
Christmas decorations, music, and toy catalogs galore!
So I thought... yup!  It's about that time!
Christmas, Here I come :)

I've had some of you ask... "Where do you even start, when decorating!?"
It can be a bit overwhelming, I'll admit.  Especially when you have LOTS of different ideas floating around in your head.
So I start with a REALLY BAD sketch of what I THINK I might do.
Looks a little something like this...lol

And ends up like this! :)

We're not putting up a tree this time around... 
so I wanted to make the best out of what I AM decorating, this year!

I really wanted to follow suit with my Halloween idea of NOT using the most obvious color for these big holidays.  So for Christmas, I naturally opted out of using "red".
Shock!  I know. LOL.
I really DO love red for Christmas, but thought it would be a bit more challenging to see what I could do WITHOUT  using red at all!
Um... and Challenging was right. ha!
Believe me, there was more then once when I would be somewhere and would just want to grab some red berries, or a pretty red wreath for my door... but nope! I didn't give in.  lol.
I stayed true to my original plan and tried to get creative, using just a handful of winter-y colors, in a classy way :)

So I thought I would give you a little breakdown of everything I used, and where I got it from, and such :)

First off, the antique window.
Tausha gifted this cute little chippy window to me a few months back, and I KNEW I wanted to use it somewhere for Christmas... so I just hung it directly from the wall, from two screws.
That way I had less "shelf decorating" to do... which was nice, because shelves can sometimes be tricky.
To me, they tend to look "cluttered" if you get too MUCH going on.

When I was stumped with what to use, or where to place things... I made sure to call on my amazing neighbors :)

These great dinner napkin "snowballs" on these silver IKEA candlesticks were ALL Keily's idea.
Genius I tell ya!  And SO ADORABLE, and inexpensive!
I decided to put my own little twist on them, by scalloping the edges a bit... and I LOVE the way they turned out!
See Full Tutorial, HERE

I knew that using a large phrase on my window would be the "easy" way out, so I decided to try and come up with something different.
Ronda helped me decide on these cute paintable, unfinished wood numbers at Joann's, to place on top of my window... to give it some dimension.
(We just slapped some tape on the back, and pressed them to the window)
Ronda also let me barrow that cute little standing finial next to the berries that she found at the DI.
It was the perfect "space filler" :)

Thanks ladies!
Neighbors are great :)

These silver berries were purchased at Hobby Lobby at 50% off.. making them .50 cents each...along with the "joy" ornament, that ended up being $1.20.
And I found the white pitcher at Tai Pan Trading, for $2.97.

Like I said before... using a word or phrase on the window was just too predictable... so I designed this Christmas Tree out of a bunch of different scrolls.
You can buy it HERE

The Bottom Shelf :
A couple of these pieces might look a bit familiar to you.
I'm all about reusing what you already have, if you can :)

Remember this plate I used for my fun Halloween saying?

Well... I decided to use the same plate,  because I loved the slight scallop, and just added a Vintage looking Santa Silhouette, instead!
I opted to make him in silver, instead of black... for a more subtle look.
And then just added some spray painted green pip berries around the bottom of the stand.

Originally I wanted to try and fill the space on the bottom shelf, with LOTS of hanging ornaments, but once I got them all up... there was just... too much going on. LOL.  So I narrowed it down to just a few, and went lurking around my own little "store" in my house
aka: A room full to the brim of previously used home decor that I either need to sell,
or use before I buy ONE MORE THING!... as they Hubby says. LOL

And found this plaque!
Here's what it looked like before...
picture from a few years ago

And here it is after :)
I just gave it a few coats of semi-gloss white paint, distressed it a bit, using the same technique as I did here, and here... added some olive green vinyl and ta-da!  A totally different look! 
I set it under the 5 silver hanging ornaments that have letters spelling out "MERRY"
(sorry, those are kind of hard to see, from the picture, because of the reflection)

These ornaments were just pulled out of our "Christmas Tree Decorating Box"
I bought them at Kirkland's Home in California a few years back.
picture of our tree last year

For the other side of the shelf I visited my local Pier 1 Imports, and snagged this adorably chic silver reindeer.
I just LOVE him :)  They had SO MUCH cute stuff this year for Christmas.
More on that later :)
I loved being able to incorporate a "sophisticated" reindeer into the mix...I thought he was kind of whimsical looking too! :)

Since we aren't doing a Christmas Tree this year... I thought it would still be fun to have a "Christmas tree type look"... by doing a branch centerpiece.

I've seen this idea in Pottery Barn, and it always catches my eye.
SO, here is how I did my version.

I pulled some branches from a friends apple tree, and spray painted them white.

Then I just attached some small rhinestones to random parts of the branches...to give it some sparkle...
without all the mess of glitter.

Then I used different ornaments, to decorate the tree.
And put the leftovers in jars around the bottom, on the white tray, to add color!

$1.00 at Michaels Crafts

Box of blue ornaments from Tai Pan $2.97

Sparkly green Foam ball vase filler $4.99 Hobby Lobby

Tinsel filled clear ornaments IKEA, I think $4.99?

Small bells with star ornament from Hobby Lobby

I also found these little picture frames at Hobby Lobby, for about $1.50.
Used photo shop elements to shrink a photo of the girls down, and then just printed it on photo paper, on my printer.

Here are some other items I have place around the house.

Yes!  The long awaited Christmas Subway art decal. LOL
I had lots of emails about this baby, after my Halloween one :)

If you want to purchase one of your own, go HERE

For the background, I just used a fat quarter piece of polk-a-dot fabric, to back the frame, and give it some color.

There ya go!  Thats my Christmas, without the red!
It might have taken a few neighbors and their fabulous ideas to get it done, but it's done!

Again, if you're interested in purchasing any of the vinyl decals, you can get them in our design shop,


  1. AMAZING as usual!! It's so fresh and cool, as in wintery. I love seeing different and unique styles and colors, but I simply could not live without my RED!!! I have a few walls that are red, so there's no escaping it!! And I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that gets excited about decorating for Christmas and completely skips over Thanskgiving decorations. After Halloween, I'm done with the leaves and pumpkins and the orange and yellow. =)

  2. OKAY...
    1. i LOVE that you are thrifty!
    2. i love that you don't have to have a mantel to decorate as cute as you've done...

    i totally want to move your wall to my house...:-)

    keep up the good work.

    i have a big crush on your blog! :-)

    {The Appraiser's Wife}

  3. Oh it's just lovely! Love that tree window frame!!
    Ver effective as a backdrop!
    Great idea with the rhinestones on the branch! I think I have some!
    And I had to laugh about the tinsel filled ornaments being from IKEA. I posted a tutorial for these a while back, but never realized that IKEA had them this year - and I practically live there ;)

  4. sooo cute. i love e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. about the way you decorate. :)

  5. You've done it again..I love it..ALL! Now I can't decide what vinyl I want to many adorable choices! Great job!

  6. Love it Shel! I too am taking the un-traditional route this christmas so thanks for the courage!!

    love your guts

  7. Absolutely beautiful as always! I actually don't use too much red for Christmas. I LOVE silver and use it A LOT in my decor. But you've inspired me to try a few new things this year... well if I can figure out where things are going in this new house. I have to figure out where the tree is going first! And you've totally made me want to start decorating! I normally do it the day after Thanksgiving or that weekend but we are hosting it this year so I don't know when I will be able to dig all my stuff out.

  8. Oh My Goodness! You really have an eye for decorating/layout/design. I LOVE this display! Pottery Barn should be hiring YOU. Seriously. Gorgeous.

  9. LOVE it! I have been waiting for this post since you did your FABULOUS Halloween one! Yay! Thanks for all the great ideas! :)

  10. its GORGEOUS & I am drooling over that tree & 25 window!!!!!! wowzers!!!! the tree is ONLY $10?! GET OUT! gonna get me one!!! :) thanks for sharing

  11. This is classically beautiful. I'm doing a silver and white theme in our dining room for Christmas and might have to "borrow" some of these wonderful ideas! :) Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. I can not begin to tell you how much I LOVE this Christmas display!! Women....you are talented!! If I could squeeze 1 drop of that talent out of you I'd be good to go. LOVE, LOVE this!!

  13. Your decorations look amazing! I can't wait to break out mine which are going to include a couple of DIY projects this year :D

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Love that you are already decorating! I will need to show this to my hubby, so he can let me decorate too. He is very "Wait till after thanksgiving to put up christmas!"

    Love the decorations you used too!

  15. It looks great Shelley, I had to laugh, I do the drawings of how I want to decorate first too! :) I love the colors, it is festive but doesn't scream Christmas, you can def. get away with it before Thanksgiving. :)


  16. Oh my gosh! I love this so much! I can't wait to make a table tree like that!


  17. I just have to tell you that you are so incredibly talented it is kind of disgusting.
    I love my red for christmas so there is no way I could give it up. But I am loving the silver and white wintery look. Once again you have amazed me. Love it!!

  18. It's lovely! And if you want to move to Canada, there's a great house for sale on my street. Just sayin'...

  19. Shel-
    It turned out so stinkin cute! I love it! I couldn't do the no red in my house-I love it just a little too much. I love the window with the numbers. Darling!! Have a fabulous weekend!!!

  20. SO beautiful! love it all! you're so freakin' amazing!
    can i ask, why won't you be putting up a tree?

  21. Seriously Shelley, that is fantastic! I love the pops of color. I was also planning to use a sliver, pearl white, blue and green scheme this year. I'm not a fan of red in general, so it works. I also love your little tree! Nicely done!


  22. AMAZING job! seriously unreal and chic! i am definitely going to use some of your ideas!!!

  23. Will you come and decorate my house? Seriously though, your Christmas decorating is GORGEOUS!!!

  24. Everything looks just amazing!!!! You are so awesome to just whip this stuff up :) I have a similar "shop" room in my house :) It drives my husband nuts! ;)
    I love your fresh colour scheme and all the little details...love love the branch tree :) I did a similar one last year and was thinking of doing anothr one this year. love yours!!

  25. THIS is gorgeous.
    We're doing the same ornament colors this year!! Last year was just the blues & silvers, but after inheriting some green christmas decor, we mixed it up! and i love it. But yours....WOW!!!
    You have SUCH a talent.
    and great friends (hello! that WINDOW!)
    And yes, us Canadians had Thanksgiving on Oct 11th...sooooo 5 weeks ago! so I'm happy to see the Christmas breaking out in blogland.

  26. First of all, I sketch (badly) my ideas out on paper too!!!

    You freakin' ROCK!!!
    This is awesome...unbelieveably awesome.
    Your Awesome!!!

    I love the Christmas tree vinyl. Okay, I love all the vinyl but the Christmas tree vinyl designed out of scrolls is amazing :D

    Have a great evening ~Carrie

  27. LOVELY!! Good ideas!! I allways like to used christmas balls for everything

  28. Amazing as always! I love everything, but that chippy window is to die for!! I have a window hanging around I think I'll have to do that too.

  29. Okay, so I was feeling all good about how my table set up and buffet was going until I saw yours. OH. MY. WOW. I just love it. You have such a great eye for layout and spacing.

  30. This is stunning! I just came across your blog yesterday and am so glad I'm following! What gorgeous ideas! I love that you share all the little "thrifty" ways you turned things you already had (or purchased inexpensively) into something new!

  31. STUNNING!!!! This is one of the most beautiful displays I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing all of your gorgeous ideas-I love them all!

    We are already in the swing of Christmas decorating over here in Australia. We don't really celebrate Halloween over here and we don't celebrate Thanksgiving at all so Christmas decorations were up all over the place by the end of October!

    Best wishes and happy weekend,

  32. That is absolutely beautiful! I love the tree you designed with scrolly things on the window.

  33. Looks AH-MAZING! I do a turquoise, silver, and white theme for my entryway table. I LOVE the table display! I'm definitely going to try to recreate some of your ideas.

  34. Very Classic. Well done girl! I love to see all that you are doing! FUN~~

  35. I love it all! I have plans to knock off your PB knock-off sticks & pitcher & ornaments centerpiece. Thanks for the inspiration!

  36. Wow! This is simply beautiful. I am completely jealous. I wish I had an ounce of the uber-creativity that you have. Thanks for sharing your auspicious talent with us. :)

  37. FABULOUS! And so festive! Who knew Christmas without red could be that fun? YOU! Love it.

  38. love love love love the display! its true, in canada we start decorating after halloween, i lOVE it!

  39. This is so pretty!!! I want it all.

  40. Aak! Goodness this is gorgeous!! This is Angela...( I RAN INTO YOU AT SWEET SADIE ) :):)

  41. I just love this! I can't believe you have your stuff up already!!! I'm waiting to see that bathroom reveal!

  42. I adore this! We've started decorating over here, too (though Thanksgiving for us in Canada is long over, so it is not unusual in these parts)

    Anyway, I also wanted to tell you that I've chosen you for the Stylish Blogger Award. Come by if you'd like to accept!
    Your friend,

  43. everything looks fantastic!! I'm officially in the mood to decorate...NOW!! :)

  44. Absolutely beautiful! I love love love the white frame with the swirly Christmas tree and the 25!!! So pretty!

  45. I love it all , Shelley! it's all so original!

  46. Absolutely beautiful ! I just love everything -couple things I really like adding the crystal dots to the tree and hanging the girls pictures from the branches --also love all the vinyl pieces you put together

  47. It's just stunning!! Thank you for sharing your home. You inspire me to start my Christmas decoration early!

  48. Love it all! The vinyl decals are my favorite!

  49. What a gorgeous display!! Love the blue and green! I'm up in Canada, and yes, when November 1st rolls around, Christmas is on the brain!

  50. Seriously Shelley do peeps walk into your house and just DIE over how gorgeous you make everything?!?!
    I love love love your colour combo so original and so classy. You have stellar talent my friend.
    PS Thanks for your lovely Bday message for David - he is chuffed. x

  51. Wow!!! Everything looks so nice. I am also spending the holidays away from home and have been sad about not being able to decorate a tree. But you have inspired me to do a little something at home anyway (even if I can't have a tree). Thanks for that!

  52. Wow, this is beautiful!! We will be gone for Xmas as well, maybe I need to run with this great idea!

  53. Oh goodness, it's beautimous! So sophisticated which is really the look I'm going for now in my entire house, Christmas included! And I have the foam ball filler too! LOVE! Mine are red. Hobby Lobby is a dangerous place at Christmas time! :)

    I hate to bother you with this but no one will offer me an answer to my question. You're nicer, so maybe you will. LOL Many people are fond of & using the "chipped" painted wood look - furniture, windows (like yours), etc. Here is my question. How in the sam hills do you clean chipped pieces? When you go to clean it, wipe it, dust it, whatever, doesn't the chipped paint chip more & fall all over the place? This really stymies me. LOL Maybe no one cleans their chipped pieces...?

  54. I love EVERYTHING you do! I gave you an award. Check it out at my blog, craftersanonymousclub.blogspot.com

  55. Absolutely breathtaking.
    I am pretty much speechless.

  56. I LOVE IT!!! Its Winter & Christmas! I have mine up too...but I would take it down and Hire your Skills! Your Decor puts mine to Shame.
    :-) SO PRETTY!

  57. LOVE how everything turned out! You are amazing! Ireally want to make some of those shelves!

  58. I really have enjoyed your decorating, (all of your house, your laundry and Pantry has me so inspired!) I love the silver, but why no red? I didn't know if that was an inside joke or something:)

  59. It's absolutely "wintry" and I love it! I have one room in my house where I use the bluish turquoise color with white and it always ends up being my favorite room. You did a fabulous job, as always. I would expect nothing less from you (nothing like putting the pressure on you)! Thanks for inspiring me to get MOVING!

  60. so jealous! i love your style and decorating so much! oh my gosh! you are amazing. i want to be you!

  61. it all looks awesome ... but why no tree?

  62. OMG - talk about beautiful! I love everything that you've done! My mind is in overdrive, thinking of what I want to copy! LOL

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  64. It is so refreshing to see a different color pallet for Christmas. I love the snowballs. the ROCK!

  65. Oh my goodness - you are so talented! I love your style and unique-ness! :) This gives me some great ideas! Thank you for sharing! I absolutely love your blog! :)

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    Kaitlyn @ The Birds Nest

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  77. oh my HECK!! can you come decorate my house please? HOW do you come up with such awesome, original ideas??

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  79. Honestly, you are so fabulous! I can hardly stand it. :) I love everything you've done here. I don't know if you remember me posting about your Halloween display. I posted that I had looked at it about 52 times because I just loved it so much. I'm a stalker. haha I can't believe I never added you to my follow list. I am now. I'm a happy new follower.

  80. Girl! You never cease to amaze me! I LOVE all the tiny little details in here!

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  82. I am absolutely blown away! You are nothing short of AMAZING! I am speechless!!!!

    Absolutely beautiful!


  83. It is GORGEOUS. wow. If only..

    I imagine my little ones ripping that all down!!! eek.

  84. This is absolutely gorgeous! I decorate for Hanukkah & winter so I use a lot of blues, silvers & whites...I think I will "borrow" some of your ideas (i.e. the branches). I love the reindeer & bells & ornaments you used too...which I would totally use if I decorated for Christmas!!

  85. My goodness! This looks like a Pier 1 ad! Loving it:)

  86. I HAD to have those silver berries from Hobby Lobby, but they were 50% off of $2, making them $1 each, and I got 20, so they were $20! I got ripped off compared to your deal! They still don't fill a vase, but I don't want to buy more...how many branches do you have in your pitcher? Thanks!

  87. Everything looks so pretty and festive. I love the fresh color palette! Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing in the DIY Holiday Highlights party! :)

  88. Amazing job! I love this post on how you did everything. I love the sign you made over and how the balls hang over it in an arch from the shelves. You have a lot of great decorating ideas from this vignette!

  89. Perfection. I love this idea and the color choices are great. Love it all. Merry Christmas.

  90. Hi Shelley-

    I truly enjoy seeing invention - where someone creates great impact using all sorts of bit and pieces - that is exactly what you do so well. Looks so festive, shiny, and bright.
    My best- Diane

  91. Looks so good! I did the branch thing, too - I kept them their natural dark color - but your white is fabulous! Love what you did this year. Merry, Merry!!

  92. It's all sooooo very PRETTY...love that old window! I’m hosting a Christmas Open House on the 9th…would love to have you come by and join in on the fun!


  93. I literally stumbled upon your blog the other day. I was looking for ideas on holiday decorations using blue & silver. Let me start by saying your pantry is an art piece. We should all be that lucky. The mantel is GORGEOUS. Still working on mine. I was however able to finish my little tray which was inspired by your own creation. I posted a pic to my blog. Originally it was on the kitchen table. I could not add tree branches to the mix because of my chandelier. Then I moved the tray to the coffee table but I think I'm asking for trouble since we have 6 yr old in the house. :-) Anyways, thank you for the inspiration!

  94. Very pretty! I love the window. I just found your blog recently and it's great.

  95. Hey Shelley it's AJ. I didn't know that you were so creative!! I thought I was creative but you've inspired me to think outside the box, and as I continue to decorate my house, I will remember you. (oh, and I do have a circut that I have never used and I have all the cartridges on the gypsey and would really love for you to come show me how to use the dang thing! I will make you dinner!)Call me love AJ

  96. Hey Shelley it's AJ. I thought I was creative but you've given me something to think about!! Thanks for giving me the direction of thinking outside the box. I am going to start doing that now that the twins are older and I am sleeping! Send me a message with your # and I will call you. I would love to have you come over and help me with the Circut and Gypsy I have that has every cartridge on it and in return I will make you dinner! Loves AJ

  97. I love how you comment about keeping the mantel rather simple so it does not get crowded. Ha, then you add a whole 'nother level of mantel/shelf. Two for the price of, or space of, one shelf.

    PLUS you add in that chippy window. Sigh. It looks terrific. Simple, clean and F-U-N. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  98. Oh my gosh, I am so glad I bumped into your site today!! I saw you image somewhere and loved it and took a quick snapshot. Well I was able to create a beautiful display on my wall that I had been wanted to do something on and I used your Christmas wall as inspiration. I blog about it but didn't know where I got it from and TODAY I found your site linking from Tater Tots and Jello so I am so happy to finally give you credit on my blog. THANK YOU FOR a lovely display that I can now change with the seasons!

  99. Oh here's the link, I was a little anxious to post


  100. This is beautiful art work! I just found me two brand new shelf for $5 at a thrift store and now I am like a kid, waiting for Christmas to come to try this. Can't help but read your blog every day, thank you for all the inspirations!

  101. I LOVE how you used the old window...so fun, I love re-purposed old windows!

  102. I may be copying a few of your elements and buying your vintage santa! Would you mind preeeettty please letting me know where you got those shelves! I've been looking for some like those foreverrrrrr!

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  105. Just completed the Shabby chic window using the stencil I purchashed from you, can you say "copy cat"I love it and it has gotten its share of oohs and awes..

  106. Its a fantastic Idea of decorating House in white and silver Combi for Christmas On fairytale-like time of winter and snow.Its very recently done in this Blog, I would like to show some more Ideas of being original and creating a white fairytale at home.

    Regards Prince...


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