Picture Window Project and Tutorial

So, I've had this tall, blank space above my little hallway bench for EVER, and finally got around to finishing this fun picture window that Cason and I worked on a few weeks back.
Here's how the window started out...

Cason built two additional small frames that were the same size as the actual window.

So there are actually three pieces to this project.

I painted both of the "Cason-made" frames white.
and covered one of them with chicken wire
used tin snips to cut it to the size I needed.
And then staple gunned it down to keep it stretched tight onto the back of one of the frames.

It turned out like this.
(I actually ended up painting the chicken wire WHITE, a few days later.  I wanted it to stand out more against that gray)

For the OTHER frame, I bought some of this paintable wallpaper from Lowe's.

And a $2.00 sample size can, of this great "Woodlawn Colonial Gray", by Valspar.

After it dried it looked like this.

Took the staple gun again, and stapled the paper to the back of that second frame.

Then I bought some new hinge hardware, to connect ALL the layers of this fun picture window together.

So, when it was all connected, it looked like this!

Purchased this chunky black pull at Hobby Lobby.

Got this picture hanging kit...

And ta-da!
Wall art :)
Then I started filling up the window with mostly pictures, but lots of other little things.

To hang the pictures I wanted to use these small clothes pins, but needed to spray them all white.
So I attached them onto some scrap trim pieces, and THEN sprayed them all at once.
So easy :)

Some of them, I covered with scrapbooking paper, just to make them "pop"

The fun, personalized prints of our "bird family" and the flower print below were done by

Arent' they so fun?

To hang these smaller photo's I just tied some jute rope from one end of the window, to the other, and clipped them up with those paper embellished clothes pins.

I bought this unfinished wood "S" at Joann's Crafts for under a $1.00 a think.
Just painted it white, and covered it with this cute blue and white paper.

And this is the BIG picture!
I'm loving how this window brings a pop of color to the space :)

I'm also diggin' the fact that the decor in this picture window will be SO easy to change out with the Seasons and Holidays! :)
Can't even WAIT for Christmas, so I can pile all of our fun Christmas cards in there!


  1. Oh my heck! I love that project. And when you said Christmas cards... I about died. What a great idea. So dang cute.

  2. Oh my gosh- that is exceptionally crafty!! I love it, what a great idea. It looks amazing! You and your hubs are quite the team!

  3. wow! I've done chicken wire before (ouch) it's not easy! I love the way you've done it.
    It looks perfect there above your bench! You're so right about changing it with the season's!

  4. I am in love with this! I so need to find the space to put this. Thanks so much for the tutorial.

  5. Cute! Love everything about it...that you keep it a window, paintable wallpaper, chicken wire...and most of all a great way to display your kids pictures! And I am lovin the christmas card idea :)

  6. Really cute. For real, I love it.

  7. I love this - so fun and creative! And I love the way that you've added all of your elements BEHIND the glass. I'm definitely saving this as something I'd like to do - I can think of the perfect place for it!

  8. So much better than your standard message/bulletin board. Totally goes with your space and how can you beat those $2 sample cans.

  9. I love it! Great job, Shelley!

  10. What a super cute idea! Your girls are so beautiful. I just love your style :-)


  11. Wow! So beautiful and I love the size of it. Family pictures, Christmas Cards, Birthday and Anniversary celebrations,the possibilities are endless. I need to find a place for something like this. What a great idea!

  12. I can't wait to see all the adorable holiday decor you do with this window!!!! SOOOOO cute!!!!!

  13. ok, i'm sooooo jealous! please just make me one :) you make it look so easy girl, it makes me sick!! ;)
    darling darling. if i get enough motivation, maybe i'll give it a try. thanks for sharing!

  14. great project. btw this is the second post in a short time that I can see your hallway and it's so cute, LOVE the (hanging) lamp !

  15. really shelley? how cute are you... and your house... and your family? you have such great taste! love it all! this project is so fun. and when you mentioned Christmas cards i gasped. haha. can't wait to see how you change it up through the seasons!


  16. That definitely turned out so great! It looks fantastic in the entire space, too. And, how friggin' cute are those clothespins?!

  17. What a great craft project! I definitely can see the holiday cards hanging:D {something I personally struggle with each year to properly display}

  18. I love it, Shelley!!! Going to see if I can attempt this project....

  19. Seriously woman. Where do you get all your amazing ideas from. I'm just glad I can steal them. Can I?
    So cute.

  20. OOOH!!! Thank you for sharing this project!!! Can't wait to incorporate this into my house!!!
    Oh and I am impressed with the how to photos!

  21. Ok that is way sweet! I love the pics of the girls - SO cute. What a darling family you have been blessed with. I may steal the little "clothes pin line" idea. My mom-in-law gave me some of those recently and I have been wondering how to incorporate them in my laundry room remodel.

    By the way, thank you so much for your kind words over at my blog. It totally brightened my day :)

    ~Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  22. AMAZ.ING!!! I LOVE it! :) May need to steal that idea...except we have no fancy schmancy saw!! lol

  23. It looks fantastic. I really love it. You and your husband are so awesome!

  24. Oh, you are Blessed! Love it! The window is adorable, but most of all the little girls that are peeking out of that window are the cutest! Like I said before you are so dang talented. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Oh my goodness! I ADORE this project! It looks fabulous in your foyer! Great work! :)

  26. where did you find the birds for your "Our Nest" sign?

  27. oh my goodness i LOVE this! everything in your blog is SO inspiring. about the kitchen paint color...my husband and i have been having the exact SAME conversation. his responses the same as your husband :) although, i want to go from bright red to antique white :)

  28. That is just awesome! I love how you put scapbook paper on the clothespins- so cute!

  29. Super cute idea... thanks for giving such great instructions...I'm going to have to try it... Vicki

  30. Love this idea! And the scrapbook paper on the clothes pins, just too cute!

  31. This is beyond fabulous!! I featured this project on my blog today with a roundup of inspirational ideas:


    THANKS. I am totally inspired!

  32. Where did you get your rug in the last picture? It is exactly what I'm looking for right now. Love your picture window too! You are so creative. I just found your blog - I love it!

    Thank you!


  33. I love this! It is so beautiful, and I can't wait to make my own!!

  34. You've been featured today at Sweet Peas and Bumblebees for our Fabulous Friday Finds. Your project is amazing!!!


  35. Love This!!! Sooo Cute! :)
    Showed my Mom and she fell in love !.....we definetly will be trying out this project in the near future!
    Have been snooping around your blog, love it also! :)

  36. I totally love this, Shelley! Where did you find the original window? I think this would be perfect in a space I have near my front door but I need to see if I can find a window that would work in the space...??

    (I did not read ALL the comments- you may have answered this before- if you did I am sorry...)

  37. Absolutely adorable! Where did you get the bench from? I love it!

  38. Absolutely adorable! Where did you get the bench from? I love it!

  39. I just love that idea, I must try doing that once I have my own place. What a great idea

  40. Talha why is it so interesting?

  41. Awesome project and your girls are soo cute!

  42. Love this! I have a big vintage window w/glass hanging in entry way. Great idea!


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