Lightening Up the Hallway

I've been looking for some track lighting for this dark hallway for a while now... but most of the fixtures that I had my eye on, were out of my reach (price wise)...
Till we went to... IKEA!
Love this place.
We found this, stylish... with a touch of modern, track lighting, for only $40.00!
I love the direct lighting that it shines down on the picture frames... highlighting each one.
I think it makes it look a bit more like art... instead of just pictures in a hallway.

I barely had time to take a picture of Cason putting the fixture up, before he was done... it was THAT fast!
(I love when he's excited to do a project!!!  I think he was even MORE excited then me, on this one...
probably because there was NO painting or sawing involved. haha)

I love that you can adjust the lights to point wherever you want, so I can direct the other two lights over here.

...Once I find something spectacular for this blank wall... lol.
I'm SO STUCK on what I can put over here... I have a chunky mirror around the corner, and a huge shelf around the OTHER corner.... So I'm guessing... a big piece of art? blahhh... dunno

Here's a picture of the lights on at night.
and a child in awh of the new fixture. hee he

Isn't it amazing what a new light fixture can do to a hallway?
I have to say, that this was a GREAT way to customize our look, on a tight budget!
Here's a little before and after of this space.

In Cason's words..."Another boob light hits the dust!" :)


  1. That is a great term for those lights...boob lights! We have them all over our house. Their not that ugly but not beautiful either.

    I love your track lighting! We have some modern track lighting in our kitchen. Light shining on the picture frames definitely makes a world of difference.

    Anyway, you mentioned you don't know what to put on your stair wall. I have the same wall and came up with a solution that works well for me! Check it out if you want an idea:



  2. It looks so great Shelly. What a quick fix for some additional light. I know what you mean about a huge wall and not knowing what to put on it. I have one of those too and it sat empty for a year after I painted. Good luck.

  3. Looks great! I wish I had done this instead of the one we just put up. Makes everything so much brighter! What a great price. I need to go check out stuff at Ikea.

  4. I love the way the light looks :) great job!!! and I love those frames! too cute!

  5. We put those same lights up in our kitchen and I agree about those spotlights! I think my set came from Lowe's.

    Where did you get those frames in your hallway (with your kids' pics?) You may have posted about that but I'm not sure. Could you email me about the frames (see below for my addy).

    Judy (jdy277@aol.com)

  6. What a huge difference!!! I have been eyeing those frames.....did you make those???

  7. Looks very nice! I love that track lighting piece. I'm currently on the hunt for one for our Kitchen and I totally didn't even think of Ikea! Sweet.

  8. I recently stumbled upon your blog. I love it. I love it even more because you called one of those lights a "boob" light. I have always thought those lights look like boobs. I have many boob lights that need to go bye bye.

  9. Love the lights, I might have to run and get one for our new home. I loved your post about the boards you put up in your one daughters room. My question in doing it myself is this, the molding along the bottom is not as deep/thick as the MDF boards so the boards stick up a lot past the molding. Did you have this problem or was your molding the true board and batten bottom piece. Does this all make sense? Can you email me or show the bottom detail on your blog. Thanks a million, I'm confused on how to make it work.

  10. Very cute!!

    Maybe a really large vinyl quote for that empty wall?!?

  11. Gorgeous! The lighting and the frames are fantastic - and you KNOW they are fantastic if something other than a toy can inspire awe in a little one :)

  12. PERFECT!!! It's like a little gallery now! And I agree - we can't forget about those frames - adorable!!!!! Did you make them??

  13. That is too funny! We have the same BOOB lights all over our house. I thought I was the only one who thought they looked like boobs;) I guess not! I love the track light! Very cool!

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  14. I love it! I had to laugh at your hubbys comment...Another boob lights hits the dust!

  15. Ohhhhh mmyyyyy!!!!! i love the light! and the hallway and the pictures!!! where did you get those frames??? gorgeous! omg when you're finished with you house can you come decorate mine??? :-)

    and hahahahahahhahaha boob light is hilarious!!! it really does look like a boob, I've never noticed that before lol

  16. That looks great ... and I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks those lights look like boobs.

  17. LOL! "Boob Light". I will NEVER look at those the same way again!

    I love your blog. I want to move into your house :)

  18. Amazing! the new light fixture looks fab. I have just spent the last half hour showing David your blog and all the things I love about your house. He is seriously impressed ;-)
    You go girl.

  19. that's funny he call them "boob lights"! i have called them that since i was little, & i HATE them! love what you have done!

  20. Really looks more like art as you said! It makes a great difference!

  21. What a difference! I love the pictures that you hung too - it looks like a gallery - very artistic.

  22. We have one of those boob lights and that is exactly what I call it, too! Thankfully, my husband finally agrees it needs to be changed.

  23. Lovely transformation! Yet another reader who would love to know where you got those darling beadboard-like, white frames. Did you buy them, or build them? Do tell! ThanX

  24. Hi there! Love your blog - it's one of my favorites! Quick question for you - what paint color are you using in this hallway? I need a brighter shade, and this looks WONDERFUL!!!

  25. My husband calls them boob lights too! Funny - I guess all men think alike. Hallway looks great!

  26. All men must think alike! My husband always calls them that! He has even called me from home depot when we needed a new powder room ceiling fixture and said "hey how about a bronze boob?"

  27. Your new lighting looks awesome! I had just recently heard these lights referred to as boob lights - on Sarah's House, I believe - and am amazed that Holmes on Homes still puts them in remodels on his show. :)

  28. haha, we call those things boob lights too! :)

  29. What a difference one little fixture makes! It's a brand new space. Love the little one admiring it. She's a cutie!

  30. Girl you are so funny! Speaking of boob light I have two things for you. Here in AZ there is a huge church that has two totally round dome shaped buildings. They are really huge. So of course as a prank someone put big cones on the top of them. Pretty funny.

    Ok the next one when you drive to Safford (which is where Cam is from), from Mesa there is this mountain that no joke looks just like a boob. It's rather disturbing how much it looks like a breast with detail. Sometimes I think that maybe lightning will strike iit because it is mountain porn. HA! Maybe I will take a picture of it and send it to you as proof I am not making this up!

  31. I am featuring this idea on crazydomestic.com tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration!

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