DIY Family Motto Hallway Sign

I know that this hallway seems like a never ending project...........
It IS lol.

I guess when you have to wait for funds to buy things... and find the time to basically MAKE or redo everything, it seems endless. lol.
So, sorry if you all are bored with the same space, but I've been trying to keep my focus on ONE area at a time...so that I don't get overwhelmed with the big picture...
(a house that needs furniture, a master bathroom that's NEVER been touched, finishing up 10 different projects in the basement... the list goes on. lol)

I guess that's my blog motto right?...
Speaking of motto's...
You all know by now that I LOVE words...

I have felt lately, that this is REALLY becoming our 
the place where we'd rather be, than anywhere else... 
and I kept feeling the need to...  "Sign In".  Make a really personal mark... so, that's what I did :)
Signed in!... a bit literally!
I've always been inspired by the sign that Susie Harris made for
Layla's reading room.

I had all the supplies... Unfinished wood signs, paint, vinyl, hooks, and a big empty space :)
 So I thought I'd try to replicate one of my own.
This is how it turned out.

I totally dig the actual look of the sign, and thought for a while about what to put under the 'house of smiths' part.
I know this saying has been used quite a bit, but the more I thought about it... I just couldn't think of anything else that I want to describe our home better than this, for right now.
Life can be hard and crazy, but I hope that I will always strive to fill our home with the simple things like,
Love, Laughter and Friendship... mostly laughter, because it just cures almost all ailments :)

What do ya think...
Does your home have a motto to live by?  Something that you hope to surround your family with?
I think it's important to see reminding messages of positivity for children, and adults alike.

Only one or two more things to go, in this space, and then I'll show you the WHOLE thing!
(notice I didn't say, "and then I'll be done" ?? LOL.)


  1. Love this! Such a great addition to the space. An an excellent motto! I think that's why you see it everywhere. Its just too good to let go of.

  2. Gorgeous! I love decorating with words too...I'm just drawn to them! Letters too...I have a big 'S' that I mod podged fabric that I hung over my husband's and my engagement pictures. Love it!

  3. I love the new sign!! I need to be more creative and think more like you!! I want to make something like that for my house too...I will get thinking and email you when I'm ready to order some DAVIS vinyl ;) thx Shelley!

  4. love it! definitely sparking a few ideas for my hallway!

  5. Great idea...love it! The signs are perfect and a great use of space. It's so funny because I have been wanting to make a "Beach House" sign for our master bathroom but can't fidn the time. Your font (on the House of Smith sign) is exactly what I was envisioning using for my sign. What font it is and where can I find it if you don't mind me asking?

  6. Awesome sign! Love the words you chose on there...not to mention the colors...:)

  7. What a fantastic signature piece! Funny, I've saved piX of Susie's and Layla's signs in my project file too ~ now yours will be added neXt to theirs. Nice work! ThanX for the inspiration.

  8. Wow! Love it! I would really like to see this on Modern Craftswoman Monday. Please link it up if you have time. Rory

  9. I love it...another great idea that I will be doing! You will be hearing from me for a vinyl order as soon as I figure out what I want it to say!! ;) Keep up the great work!

  10. it adds the perfect touch & color to that space! love it!

  11. I love the two signs together. I have never thought about that!

  12. SO cute!! I love the 2 signs, and love the light blue lettering. Fabulous!!


  13. Great signs! I love the motto. Every family should have one!

  14. It looks great! I love the touch of blue it it :)

  15. PERFECT! Ours is "speak kindly", to help me to remember not to be the "yelling mom", and it's true, you catch more bees with honey!
    (I enjoy your blog, thanks for letting me peek!)

  16. I love your sign and I also am a word lover! I just made a sign of my own for my kitchen.

  17. I so love it! Hmmmm...I need to think about the motto thing. Thanks for gettin' me thinkin!

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  18. Love the signs and the motto...

  19. Please stop by my blog thepaintedcupboard.blogspot.com and get your Versatile Blogger award.

    I had to save the button and insert it as an image.

  20. A couple things....
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!
    Love the sign! If you find it missing....it's at my house ;) I'm a Smith too.
    LOVE the wood connection(from a previous post), we used to live in Utah, now we are in AZ and I wish I could find a place like that here!
    What color are your walls? I love it! We are looking to paint our plain boring white walls and can't decide on a color.
    And last....On the half wall...did you add the "white stuff" to the top? Ours is boring and I love this look(molding?)

  21. i think that's the coolest project. it does so make the home personal. i don't have a home motto but just might have to come up with one and use it here.

    i love your blog! i'll be back for more inspiration!

  22. I just ran across your blog and I LOVE your style. What is your main paint color? I really want you to come help me decorate my home! Please email me when you get a chance @ jennjk7@hotmail.com

  23. So..I am assuming it's all vinyl? Of course it is. So, remember how much you love me and how I am your favorite friend? Just checking. Keep that in mind when I have more time to think decor!! Your the best babe!:)

  24. I really LOVE this! Absolutely gorgeous.

    Thanks for linking up with Sugar & Spice.

  25. wow! your house is beautiful... and i just love your daughter's name!!

    i think i'm going to follow. haha. =)


  26. This is gorgeous! You did an amazing job!

  27. Absolutely brilliant! I'm in love with it, of course! Everything you touch turns to gold!

  28. Very pretty! I'm enjoying looking around your blog as well!

  29. This is beautiful. I love all your projects!

    Laura @ along for the ride
    p.s. I have a blog party on Saturdays and I'd love it if you linked up!

  30. Very cute! I might have to be making one for our house.. :)

    Funny stuff, my Maiden name was Smith, and my husband calls me Shelly :)

  31. Thanks for linking and making this the most successful Modern Craftswoman Monday so far! Rory

  32. Ooh, that sign is beautiful! Way to go, making your home your own.

    Thank you for participating in the Creative Therapy session over at Life in the Pitts!

  33. Oh, wow! The sign is beautiful! I love everything you have done for your home, so pretty!

  34. Love it! It is the perfect thing to go with your hallway! I love your motto too! Thanks for linking up to Hoo's got talent!

  35. The sign looks great! I'll will be linking. You have done a beautiful job!

  36. I can see why you loved it! Now I LOVE YOURS! Looks fab! THanks for linking up to Anything Related! ~Bridgette

  37. Oh my gosh, it's amazing! I love that you have a motto for your home!

  38. I saw Layla's sign too, but I like your's better, because...what do you know...that's our name too (Smith)! Love how yours turned out.


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