Singed Layered Flower Tutorial

I love these fun flowers.  I have seen them all over blogland!  I love all the different ways that people have come up with using them!
Here's how I did mine.

First I cut out a bunch of circles from this sheer fabric I found at JoAnn's.
(I hate to say this... but I don't even remember what the fabric was called... lol.  I just picked up the first inexpensive sheer white I saw)
I did them in different sizes, so when I layered them, they looked like a flower

Some of them had bends and such in them, so I used a warm iron and ironed all the circles flat.
PS.  Obviously you can tell that none of these are really "circles"... The best part about it, is that you're going to make them all uneven anyway, so there's no need to stress about getting them perfect.

Then I took a candle and lightly ran the edges of each flower along the heat of the flame.
**Don't get too close, or your flower will just burn up.

They looked like this after I was finished

Then I took a needle and thread and put a stitch through the middle, to keep all my petals together, how I wanted them.

Lastly I added a few pink crystal beads to the middle.... I did 7 of them.
I would have glued them, but they were going on a pillow for my 2 year olds room, so I wanted them to have a little more durability.

And there you have it!
This was SO SO SO easy.
And you can do it with LOTS of different fabrics.  I've seen them embellished with vintage buttons and such too.  Really cute!


  1. Perfect flowers for your ruffled pillow. They are so much fun to make (you get to play with fire) and addicting!!

  2. Love your site! I love all of the things that you do. You seem very happy, and it's contagious!

  3. I love these so much! I am sew (Ha) not a sewer but I think I can handle this one! Love these on the pillows! Way cute!

  4. Wow! These look so easy. Thanks for showing how to do it!

  5. yep, these are on my to-do list!

  6. I actually tried making these flowers prior to reading your tutorial and my poor fabric was a smoking lol. I will have to try again :) Thank you for sharing

  7. thank you, i,m looking for how to make this flower

  8. I made two of these flowers in pink! I absolutely love them and they go great on a pillow! I wish I knew how to upload a picture to show them!

  9. I just made two of these flowers in pink! I absolutely love them! I just wish I knew how to upload a picture to show the final product!

  10. Your blog is awesome! Thanks for all the work you did to create the
    tutorials and blogrolls, you are VERY appreciated

  11. These are so cute, I have been looking for a good tutorial on how to make them for a while. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Wonderful tutorial!!! Thanks, I believe I will try this!

  13. I woke up this morning to the song in my head "Because I have been given much, I too must give....I shall divide my gifts from thee, with every brother that I see.." I just finished my second prom dress and will start on the rest today. but I am now inspired what to do with the little scraps left over from some of the gowns. the girls will love the pillow idea. Thank you so much. Keep creating!

  14. I woke up this morning with the song "Because I have been given much, I too must give...I shall divide my gifts from thee with every brother that I see...". I have been making prom dresses and bridal gowns and was wondering what to do with the small scraps. this is perfect. the girls will love a commemorative pillow as a keepsake. Thank you for the post. Keep creating!


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