Quick Picture Frame Fix

This was just a quick little fixer-upper project, but I thought I'd share anyway.
I was at Michaels the other day and found this cute frame for $7.00... pretty good deal, right?

Then I saw it was damaged.  Dang!
I brought it up to the front anyway, and asked the lady if they had another.
She said no, but said that she would give it to me for $2.00!!!
I wasn't even at a thrift store and I was totally getting thrift prices!
Yessss. :)

I sanded the corner up a bit, to make it smooth
Primmed this little guy with some spray primer

And then used a foam brush and painted the frame a light blue color, that I had left over.

Ya... I have yet to put a picture in there... but you get the idea, right? lol.
I just LOVE all the detail!

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