Ruffle Shower Curtain

{The Shower Curtain Dilemma}

So, I'm waiting for my first coat of paint to dry on the wall in the bathroom.
It's lookin' great!

And between coats I'm looking at my new $5.00 shower curtain. (yessss)
And loving it!
All except for...

This part

Bringing down the shower curtain rod, isn't an option.  I like it taller, because it gives the room the illusion of height.
We're also planning on building, kind of a platform, for the cabinet, behind the toilet, to bring it up a bit.  It's kinda short.

So... I want to sew something on the bottom of this shower curtain.
Just a panel of white fabric?
A large white ruffle?  (Oooo... I like that idea)
A different type of material/color?
hmmm... I need to think on this one.
Any opinions?

Off to paint the final coat!


  1. Love the new $5.00 shower curtain...where did you get that at? I also love the behind the toliet storage. It would look better a little taller like you said. I'm looking for something like that too! Can you tell I'm doing a bathroom re-do right now too?

    I love the ruffle idea at the bottom...that would be so cute! Looking good! Makes me want to quit spring cleaning the kitchen and get busy on the bathroom!

    Looks great, can't wait to see the finishing touches!

  2. i like the large white ruffle....

  3. Perhaps a cute ruffle in an accent color that will be in the bathroom.

  4. If you put a white panel with some ruffles on the bottom that would look great--but it might draw the eye downward. I would just do plain white--it would be easy to replace if that part got dirty.

  5. Oh, you're suppoooose to wait for the paint to dry between coats!? LOL My suggestion is to duplicate the three ruffles at the top on the bottom, keeping the proportions the same. Does that make sense?

  6. I had similar situation in my husband's bathroom so I took my inspiration from a Ballards shower curtain....here's the link http://gracioussouthernliving.blogspot.com/2008/07/im-copycat.html. You will probably have to go to my archives to see it (it's called I'm a copy cat in July of 2008). I add a huge border to most of my "custom made drapes" and it's a great look. Can't wait to see what you decide.


  7. SO cute!! I JUST made my own shower curtain! I think a ruffle would be SO cute!!

  8. I would probably use a different color at the bottom. I always have a stash of shabby sheets that I have cut up for a million other projects and something like that would work at the bottom.

  9. I had the same problem and I used burlap! I posted about it somewhere. :)

  10. Okay I love the $5 shower curtain and am so jealous that you find all of these great steals. I'm so shopping at the wrong places :( I like the idea of ruffles on the bottom as well and my first thought was white but an accent color would be awesome and probably stay cleaner too. Best of luck and i can't wait to see how it turns out.

  11. I agree with the large ruffle idea. Where did you get this curtain. It's really cute. I have the same problem with the rod being too high for a standard curtain. But I like yours with a ruffle added to the bottom.


  13. Well- I am officially addicted to your blog! Amazing style. Get a book out ASAP!!! Can't wait to keep reading old posts and link to you... about all the things I wish I could do!!

  14. $5? WOW, that is sweet!! I am just finishing SEWING my white ruffle shower curtain (will post it this weekend) - and i thought more than once that i should of just bought one!

    In my "old" bathroom (the one i am making the curtain for right now) i hung two rods - one for the curtain itself - and then one for a "valance" (i just got it from the curtain isle). That way it made the shower look super big and grand - kind of the same way you do window treatments - high and wide!

    I dont know, but that could be an option for you? (and when i did mine the valance would hang just low enough to cover the rod of the curtain, make sense?)

    Long comment, i know :)

    Sausha @ {show & tell}

  15. Love love love this... hey, I wanted you to know... I re-decorated my laundry room and it's finally done. I posted it on my blog... Your laundry room inspired me... just wanted you to know... Thank you for ALL the ideas! ~ kim

  16. Hey Doll! So I would personally sew the desired length of fabric then take the extra fabric and ruffle and sew it on top of the edge where you joined the two pieces to hide it and add a few more ruffles to compliment the top. It will look like it was meant to be there and not a mistake. OR you could sew some fun fabric on the bottom to kick up the color. Even take a Shabby Chic sheet from Target and sew it to keep it soft!

    Can't wait to see what you do!

  17. P.S. Where did you get that curtain for only $5....and I thought I FOUND ALL THE DEALS!! xo Molly

  18. I love what you're doing with the bathroom... and, well, every room of your home!! So beautiful!
    I think a ruffle on the bottom would look adorable... and instead of just plain white you could even do a ruffle of varying shades of blue and gray? if it doesn't clog up the space too much. :) Can't wait to see what you decide; it'll be fab!

  19. ack-! you just inspired me to add ruffles to some white curtains I found on clearance at BB&Beyond I will be hanging in my guest room (also to be painted blue--wish you had used an exact paint color so I could go get the same!) I'm trying to get it done before in-laws arrive next month. Your bathroom is coming together so cute- look forward to seeing the final product.

  20. I love the ruffel idea. Maybe in a color that matches your walls. That would look beautiful! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

  21. I just found your blog too... LOVE IT!
    I would have suggested a ruffle of some type. White, color, whatever.

  22. Hi! I just found your blog featured on ASPTL and have spent the last hour drooling over your ideas. You have an awesome blog. My favorite post has to be your dining room. The blue walls with the espresso floors look amazing! Will definitely be checking back!

  23. How about a clean pleated ruffle type thingy with a ribbon at the adjoining seam line? I don't know? Just a thought.


  24. A plain white ruffle or a plain white ruffle with a ribbon along the seem line in the same color or contrasting color to the wall would be cute (if that made any sense).

  25. I love the ruffle on the bottom idea! What a deal you got on that curtain - wow!!!

  26. I say add a white panel at the bottom, and one row of small ruffles, like at the top, to hide the seam line. Simple, clean, not too fussy.

    Or, a coordinating band (light blue) on the bottom, with a strip of ribbon to hide the seamline.

    I hope you post your results! :)

  27. Ruffle defintely! CUTE! Look at this post...



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