Smith House Happenings

A Bit of Crazy...

Oh man.  Let me tell you... this house has been
CA-RAZY!  The past two weeks!
I feel a bit out of touch with everything.
I have so much to share with you! :)
Where to start!?

Well... first... one of the BETTER moments of the past week...
Look who learned how to write her name... ALL BY HERSELF!

I was kinda freaking out when she walked in my office to show me this.
Um... I'm here to say...
Preschool Rocks my World!!!
Onto the "Not so great moments" of the past few weeks.
My kids have been REALLY sick.
Like... can't breath, had to go to Primary Children's, hacking like crazy...to the point of throwing up...
kinda sick.
Can you say "CROUP"...?
Doesn't that make you SO mad???  When they get upset, so they cough, and then start gagging.  And all the while, your RUNNING into their room, from a dead sleep... yelling at them...
... while yanking them off their beds, to run to the bathroom, PRAYING you avoid ANY carpeted areas on the way there...because once it hits the carpet... you can NEVER get the smell out, and so you EVEN sacrifice you're OWN body, as a "throw-up shield" in the event of anything exiting your child's mouth, before they hit the toilet???????

Ya.  Mom's Rock.  'Nuff said

This is pretty much where, we've been camping out.
we only added the bed on the floor because there was no more room in OURS for one more freakin' body!

Sick Kids and Busy Vinyl Mom  = House Tornado 

 Everything pretty much just goes into "crazy" mode if I don't stay on top of things 24/7.
I'm not alone here, right?

Okay... but want some GREAT news!?
Keily and I SLAMMED out those cute Owls, that I sold on GroopDealz two days ago, and got all 140 +
Woot woot! (I'm being an excited owl, if you can't tell)
SERIOUSLY I don't know what I would have done without her!
I thought I might have been crazy offering a Halloween decal, so close to the actually holiday, but everything turned out awesome!
me = happy business owner :)
I don't think that these "choice" songs, put on repeat, with our KILLER dance moves... hurt the
"quick packaging process" either :)

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And finally... well... Cason and I just can't leave
"good enough" alone.
We're changin' up the twins's room, and mostly, all it involved was a staple gun, patience and some muscle.

Can't wait to show you the new look!
(in that VERY TINY room...lol)

Hope everyone's having a happy Tuesday!
~ Shell


  1. Aw yes...the dreaded throw up! It's like they can't even lean forward a bit either...they just stand there! I lost one of my best outfits in the Throw Up Disaster of 2009. So sad.

  2. We had a similar week here! I must have said "don't you throw up" a dozen times while aiming her at the least vulnerable piece of furniture. Hope everyone's back to their old self!

  3. I have been having a coughing week with my little one for weeks now. We had a lovely night with throw up all over my bed, the floor, the poor little guy, the barf bowl, & the toilet all in the course of the night. I hope that your little ones will get feeling better fast!

  4. We have been almost there because of the coughing, we never just get a runny nose, are there really kids that get that lucky?
    Love the little owl!

  5. Oh yes, the throw-up shield. If someone had told me that one day I would catch throw-up in my bare hands and not blink an eye, I would have thrown up on them myself. ;) The things moms do! Hope everyone at your house is on the mend!

  6. I hear ya on the whole sick thing...I went through that this week aswell only I was alone with no hubba through it all....GAAAAHHH. I love how your house looks like mine right now. I'm also Loving the "change" I will see in the "new" room

  7. you are just too cute. :) we have been dealing with sickness for the past two weeks. Ugh. I totally know what you're talking about with the whole, "stop! don't cough.. don't you throw up." yep. been there. i think we are finally getting past it though. Way to go getting all those owls sent out. they're too cute!

  8. OH NO!!!! My kids both started coughing last night and Its only been getting worse today! CA-RAP! I hope your kiddos are feeling better. Croup ...well SUCKS! PS, I am glad I'm not the only one... my house goes through a tornado like every other day!

    XO, Mallory

  9. Ok, seriously where did you get your bedroom quilt? It is so perfect!!

  10. Love your blog! you have such a cute style.

  11. Can I just tell ya how happy I am to see your dining room table lookin like that. It makes me feel like I am okay! {sigh}

  12. We have a mixing bowl that was named "throw up bowl" that gets toted all around. It goes on car trips (one of my twins is officially a motion sickie). It stays by beds, follows them everywhere. Sadly it used to be one of my favorite mixing bowls...but it really has saved us a billion times! And throwing up in a bowl is way better than getting on your knees by a toilet...we've never lost containment...Get well soon!

  13. Hope all is better in your home. Kids with crud is lousy! Just remember you can use all throw up stories for martyrdom/blackmail later in life. "Remember when you throw up all over Mommy's new bedspread, and I still loved you?" All time favorite!
    On the other hand, thanks so much for getting on the vinyl. I am so excited to get my little owlie in the mail. I talked 3 friends into one too!

  14. Sorry the kids were feeling poorly. I hope you are all an the mend now. My house often looks like some of your pics... and I have no excuse for it ;-)

  15. Oh yes! We were in the midst of that last week.. and the week before that. That darned cough last forever. I hope they are all feeling better! I can't wait to see what you guys are up to the in the girls room.

  16. You totally CRACK me up!! I'm so happy I happened upon your Blog a few weeks ago. So sorry I missed out on those rockin Owls. AND I've been dreaming and scheaming about the day my hubby leaves for his hunting trip so I can redo my pantry...thanks to you. :o)

  17. You CRACK me up!! I'm so glad I happened upon your blog a few weeks ago. I've been loving poking around your house and reading about your antics. Although I'm really sorry I missed out on those amazing owls. ugghhh ANNNDDD...I've been dreaming and scheeming of the day my hubby leaves for hunting so I can redo our pantry...thanks to you.

  18. oh girl! So glad Im not the only one with a tore up house. Its refreshing to know people actually "live" there. hee hee LOL It is so hard to be creative and crafty AND keep the house-its like you have to pick on or the other. Hope your girls are better soon!! I am sooo with you on the vomit thing- ugh-

  19. I am so sorry your house has been a sick zone. Five days after moving into this house (in a new state) all five of us got sick with the flu, fevers, and throwing up---good times! Our master bath looked like your bedroom, with two sets of mats, sheets, and pillows since neither one of my boys was making it to the toilet in time and I was sick (no pun intended) of cleaning throw-up off the carpet while being sick myself. Oh the joys of motherhood, huh? Hope you are all feeling better soon!

  20. Awesome job on the vinyl orders! My daughter had the coughing throwing up thing for a month. It was gross. Luckily we have wood floors so clean up was easy, yet still smelly. I completely understand you on the house cleaning/clutter issue.

  21. So so so sorry for the sickies!!! Hope the kiddos are feeling well soon, and that they don't pass it on to you. But I have to say that I don't feel too bad about the state of my house at times. Nice to know I am in with the Normal peeps. Thanks for posting pictures. Cute Halloween Owl too! You have such great personality, I love watching your tv spots!

  22. Yes your service on the owls was VERY FAST. I received mine in a couple days!! I love him....now Im looking for the perfect plate to perch him on.

    Yea my oldest threw up grilled cheese on my brand new carpet......it never came out.

    I think that all of us that create have houses like this now and then....you have to let something go right????


  23. Sure hope everyone is on the mend in your house! We're just now starting to turn a corner from the sickies! No fun having the kidlets sick!

  24. I was super excited to get my owl vinyl and then that night I ruined it! :( Needless to say, I am pretty much heartbroken.

  25. I just started following your awesome blog. Sorry about the sick kids, but it sounds like the good overcomes the bad once again.
    Can't wait to see your twins room. My two girls have a tiny room too, and I'd love to get some ideas.

  26. We had the croup and throw-up stuff a couple of weeks ago. My son carried a plastic trashcan around with him, and at night, it sat on a chair next to his bed for easy reach. Good luck with all that. Hope yall are better soon!

  27. Where did you get that green bedroom quilt!

  28. Love your blog. I read it everyday!! When I got email about the vinyl owl, I jumped on the chance to purchase it. Then I saw it was yours then got even more excited. Received it today already up on a mirror and LOVE IT!!!!

    Thanks for the quick service even with sick little ones. Hang in there!! Keep an eye on the croup, it usually turns into Asthma, at least it did with my oldest son.

    Stacey Haney

  29. Even your tonrnado looks beautiful!! Your post makes me feel SOOO much better. I've been crazy busy too and the house is, well you know, a wreck!! Can't wait to see the room!

  30. I got my owl yesterday in the mail and it is adorable! I stuck it to a white cake serving tray I have from Southern Living at Home...my question, though, is can I remove it and use it again next year?

    Thanks for working so hard to get the owls out...you rock!


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