Decorative Halloween Plate

I'm feeling a bit of an "itch" to show you some of the fun
Halloween decorating ideas I came up with...
But I can't... until Monday, when it's featured.
But since this wasn't in my original post, it's not breakin' any rules.

I found this plate at Tai Pan Trading.
I think it was $2.00 or so.  They have the BEST plates, for only a couple bucks!

I feel like everyone has moved onto Fall decor already!
...And I thought I was ahead of the game... in the Halloween decorating department. LOL


  1. oh i can't wait! I LOVE halloween!!! :)

  2. Very cute. Can't wait to see everything on Monday. I haven't started my fall decorating yet..(or pretending that I'm actually going to DO fall decorating, {I'm such a procrastinator!!!}). And I totally feel behind everyone! Hopefully this year I'll actually get some decorating done instead of waiting until it's too late! :)

  3. Can't get enough of House of Smiths!

    Recently started up a blog of our own...Here's what we did to get a head start on decorating for fall. It was $5 and super easy. Scissors and a glue gun are the only tools for this one!

    <3 Allison and Chelsea @ decor roomies

  4. Cute, very cute...for a wicked witch;) I cannot wait to see everything on Monday...your blog is one of my absolute favourites! You make me smile!

  5. i can't wait till monday and i've already had a good look at your halloween post!! it's fabulous! and i can't wait to share with everyone!!

    love this plate! too fun!


  6. I need that vinyl! I always joke about being as mean as the wicked witch! Cute!

  7. I just have to say that I LOVE your blog. Its one i check everyday. Its like christmas morning. LOL!! I just saw your comment on my blog and man did I feel star struck... lol!! I just made one of your window picture holders with the chicken wire and love it. Thanks for sharing so much with all of us and for all your inspiration!! Youre Awesome!!

  8. Very cute!!! Can I just tell you that I am one of those that cannot say "NO" and feel very overwhelmed most of the time...but, when I get an email from you, it makes me smile and I know this is one of "my" times that I can just sit and enjoy! Thank you!!!!

  9. Hey Shell!! Yes it is studio 5 that I did the tape for. I am so stressed because I want to be on SO BADDDDDD! Do you have any advice from a seasoned veteran?

    Love your guts

  10. Can I still order that little morsel of yumminess. Or are you doing a new version for this Halloween?

  11. hey I LOVE YOUR FALL ideas come link up on my link party



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