Ballard Design Inspired Shelves

Once again, this little tutorial isn't anything new.  I've seen these Ballard Design knockoff shelves

herehere, and on other great blogs as well :)
These are just too great, NOT to copy, right ladies!?

I don't have TONS of pictures, but really... these shelves are pretty self explanatory, if you have all the supplies.

Here's what you'll need...

* 7 inch wide board
I got the kind that already had primmer on them, because I was painting mine white anyway.
* Door casing
* Any kind of corbels
* Small finishing nail gun
* Wood glue
* Wood putty/filler
* Sand paper
* Paint

All you have to do is:
* cut your board to the size you want your shelf.
* then cut your door casing at 45 degree angles to fit around the edges.
* run a bead of glue along the sides of the board... and attach molding.
* use a finishing nail gun to put a few nails in place... holding the molding tight, while it dries.
I've known a few people who have JUST used glue, and a little painters tape, to hold the molding together till it dries
that works too! ...whatever floats your boat :)
* Once all the glue is dry... fill in ANY holes, or gaps with the wood filler putty.
* After that is nice and dry... Sand well...
* Paint!!!!
view from the front
 View from the back of the shelf

The corbels, we just painted white, as well, and attached them to the underside of the board with screws.
And then used the screws that came with the corbels, to attach them to the wall.

I wanted to hang our shelves directly over each other to give more of a "Ballard" look... instead of scattering them, like most people do.
I think it just looks more... streamline.

We ended up doing a 4ft shelf and a 3 ft shelf
and I LOVE how it fills up this space in the kitchen!
PLUS... if I were to purchase these from Ballard, I would have spent a cool
$179.00!(plus shipping)... but instead, bought all my supplies (besides paint, glue, and putty) for only $52.00!
I don't have ANY sort of "mantle" in my home... so this is MY way of having a space, where I can change out my decor, with the seasons :)
my.... "wanna-be-mantel-shelves"
if you will :)


  1. I love this!!! Such a great look. I have the ikea floating shelves and I am wanting to change it up bit. I purchased some amazing corbels from ebay. I think I am going to glue some trip on the shelves so they don't look so plain. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. They look fantastic! Love your wall color, by the way!


  3. Love love love the shelves!!!!!!

  4. Nice job! I love the way you've accessorized them too. Thanks for the tute!

  5. You darling, darling girl!!!! I just came across your blog for the 1st time, and I am SO glad I did!!! I am not really a blogger, but I am a crafter! --Anyway, I am always looking for fun projects and fun friends to keep me busy! Your pics of your house are FAB and I want your laundry room and pantry... Seriously!! You cutie! I secretly am hoping we are neighbors and just don't know it ;)

  6. I just love those shelves. Thanks to Thrifty Decor Chick for pointing out how to make them. I think they are my most favorite project that actually turned out! Yours look fantastic and (btw) I LOVED all of your Halloween decor! :)

  7. ;) Great minds think alike! I post about the SAME thing tonight..

    I told you it's a Rachelle/Shelly Smith thing..crazy.

    Love the decor, of course


  8. They look great. Thanks for the details on how to make them.

  9. Dude. You never cease to amaze me. The shelves are fantastic, your Halloween decorations are freaking awesome- I pretty much wanna copy everything, and also- I totally caught Studio 5 the day they showed your family pics. Could your family be any cuter?? Your pictures came out fabulous and you're pretty much like a celebrity around these parts!!

  10. Those are so nice! I love how they turned out!!

  11. Love those shelves and the cute Halloween decor on them. Way to go.

  12. LOVE it!!! and love the whole black and white vignette. I totally copied you with the plates-but I dont have a vinyl cutter (YET) (thanks to your email-Im getting the Silhouette) anyway- I just printed out some cute pics and hand cut them- OH man! never gonna do that again! :-)

  13. Those turned out just wonderful. Those will be great to change out for different holiday decor. Awesome halloween decor. Love that Potion.

  14. I really love these! Definitely on my list of to-do's!

  15. That looks so great! You can never have enough shelves, in my opinion :)

  16. Thanks so much for the tutorial. You make it look so easy and fast-which I will soon find out-I'm going to Lowes right now to get the items!

  17. I love these shelves. I need to make a few for my craft room for sure!

  18. I don't have a mantle either and I never have enough shelves to decorate! ha
    I need to build a few of these shelves for myself!

  19. Love them! I need to make some in my dining room. Since I too need a "mantle" to decorate. Especially for stockings at Christmas time!

  20. I can't even tell you how much I LOVE THESE SHELVES! I don't have any sort or mantle either, and it has been driving me crazy! I have been thinking, "Where will I hang my little guys stocking!?" You have solved my problem- THANK YOU! Now I just need my husband to have a day off :0) Way to go girl!

  21. Hi, Shelley-- I just posted about my shelves tonight! Linked to this post so everyone could see your great tutorial. :)

  22. My daughter just walked up as I was reading and said, " It's the witches house!" She's 3. I think it was the skulls. :)

  23. I have had this project on my to-do list for awhile, and I cannot find Corbels like this to save my life! I must have the lamest home depot in the chain because they NEVER have anything! Any ideas? Will check eBay too : )

  24. I did this as my first woodworking project. I purchased a wood trim nail gun off of Craigslist after reading Thrifty Chicks blog for a while. It's taken me months to get up the nerve to finally try my hand at something. I've never used the saw and miter box. I cannot believe how easy this was! I'm so excited.
    I'm stuck as to how to attach the corbels. There are keyholes in the back of the corbels to hang them on the wall but the tops have a groove that goes down the center. I'm at a loss as to how to attach the corbels to the finished shelf. Can you give me some advice? I would love to finish this project.

  25. I went to buy a board for the shelves and was sold MDF. Will that work? My hubby says I bought the wrong thing. Can this marriage be saved?? LOL

  26. These are fabulous! But what I really need to know is what color paint that is on the wall. I LOVE it!

  27. Hi, I've been following your blog for a while and LURVE your ideas and projects. I have my eye on these DIY Chunky Shelves, but I'm having trouble finding corbels. Can you give me an idea of where to look and who has the best prices. They look rather pricey from a quick online search. S.O.S. I must have these in my dining area! =(

  28. Oh, I also forgot to include my other question...how did you get those other 3 plates on the wall? I didn't see anything holding the edges.

  29. I also love your shelves but can't find corbels for a decent price. Any ideas on where to get them?

  30. What are the measurements you used? Length wise? I'm going to try and tackle my first DIY project and hopefully these won't be too hard for me.

  31. Never mind. duh! You posted that already. Sorry!

  32. I am sooooo excited that I am finally going to make these! What is the width of the door casing? Thanks for all of your darling designs, you inspire me!

  33. Love,love,love the shelfs !!!! Can you tell me the length of each shelf :)

  34. What is the length of the corbels? I looked at home depot and lowes and what they have seems bigger than what you used.

  35. How far out from the wall do the corbels some out from the wall? I looked at home depot and lowes and what they had seems bigger than what you used.

  36. I have a corbel question too. I can't seem to find any that look like yours. They are all way to "wimpy" looking. Or they are the super chunk and ornate ones. Where did you get yours??

  37. Where did you get your corbels? I have looked around and only fine wimpy looking ones. Yours look nice and chunky!!

  38. Can I ask what the width is? You always put a ton of cute stuff on them, so I am going to guess maybe 8"
    Thanks for sharing all your amazing stuff!


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