Chippy Blue Window Project

Here is the cute chip-y blue window I bought at the Salvage yard.
I love this little guy.  He's just the perfect color and size!
No touch-up or work needed! :)
Here's what I did with it.

Remember my Jen inspired cupcake wrapper wreath?

Well... I thought it would be cute to frame it some how!
First I marked a spot where I wanted my crystal knob to go.

I put a short little nail there

Then dabbed a little hot glue inside the hole of the nob and around the bottom, and then put it over the nail.
Mostly so I could remember where the middle was, and so it had a little bit more reinforcement. 

Then, I just hung the window on the wall, using another small nail... so it could rest on it...

and DONE!
So easy!  And cute!

It's kind of a tight squeeze, but I think it just finishes off that dead space that was there at the end of the beds.
And it adds that cute pop of blue! :)
I LOVE it!
$5 bucks, well spent!


  1. Ok Miss Shelley. My question is where did you find the bright pink cupcake wrappers? Or maybe even a pale pink. I have looked and the only place I found the pale pink was at party city and it is in a pack with a whole bunch of other colors. I have yet to find bright pink. I was on the hunt during February when bright pink should be everywhere. Hmmmm what's a girl to do?

    By the way I am excited to see your Mom next week. We will be in AZ when she is there. I just love my Aunt Kim.

  2. Totally LOVE it! It is the perfect touch of blue! PS I'm SOOOO jealous that I didn't get to go shopping with you and Jen! :)

  3. Lovely, as always! You're my hero!

  4. Love this. It looks perfect. The knob really completes the whole look!

  5. love it! it has just enough chippyness, whiteness, blueness and is just perfect! and for five bucks! well!

  6. This is so absolutely adorable!! I LOVE your blog!! It is my new favorite :) I blogged about it on mine :http://simplyjenna.blogspot.com/2010/05/drooling.html

    Thanks for the tutorial :)

  7. Hi!! Im a new follower to your blog and I LOVE it!!

    This is such a good idea! Very cute!

    Check out my blog sometime if you get the chance.

  8. HELLO CUTENESS!!! sooooo adorable!!! loving it!

  9. Loving this! I just made one of these wreaths out of coffee filters. It wasn't coming together how I imagined it. I was using a black frame. I'm going to try this lighter color and I love the pink flower. Thanks for the inspiration!!!


  10. This is adorable. What a great find!

  11. LOOOOVE it! What a perfect little find! You have such a great eye for potential :)

  12. Very cute! Do you mind if I ask where you got the bedding to bunk beds? I just found your blog a few days ago, so if you've already mentioned it once, I'm sorry.

  13. its so lovely!
    and the wreath is STUNNING!

  14. It looks adorable and I love how easy it was. But tell the truth, does your hot glue gun give you fits?!?!? Mine does. Is there a secret no one is telling me? Do I have the wrong brand? Please advise.

    406 Olivia

    PS I've been stalking your blog for a week or so now, and I love it! Great job!

  15. I can't believe how fast you got that done! It looks awesome just the way it is. LOVE it!

    Have a great weekend cute girl!


  16. Love the window frame...the color is amazing and it just adds the perfect amount of blue in the girls' room, I love it! I just don't understand why I don't find these amazing finds when I'm out and about?

  17. Very cute! Love that color of blue.

  18. What a neat idea - that frame is gorgeous! I want it!

    I just gave you a blog award. Come by and grab it. :)

  19. U HAVE a very nice house . Makes me wish we was building our house soon.

  20. love this wreath!!

  21. Your blog is a new find for me and i absolutely love it!!!! The chippy blue frame is adorable and i love your decorating style!!!

  22. I just found your blog yesterday...
    IN LOVE! I can't stop reading older posts...such a beautiful home!

  23. I love your blog!

    I was wondering if you are ever worried about lead based paint on vintage/salvage items?

  24. It's beautiful. I need therapy every time I read your blog b/c I feel like a loser! You rock. :-) Keep up the great decorating. You are such a source of inspiration.

  25. well, i agree with everyone, this is my favorite blog! you've got such wonderful ideas and your tutorials are simply to follow. i love that you found the perfect frame and i love the knob! it would even look cute without your wreath, but i love the wreath too! thanks for being here.

  26. That blue is fantastic, love it and it fits perfectly!

  27. Adorable - where do you get your vision? :)

  28. So very pretty!! Thank you for the inspiration. =D

  29. That's where you wanted the window! The window I have is smaller than that one. Looks great!

  30. I am linking to this at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com for an old window show!

  31. Love everything in this room. Now following you.



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