March of Dimes Event

I just got back from the Service Soapbox, baby shower event!
It was so much fun!
I just wanted to share some pictures.

The room that we met in was donated by My Noah's.  It was beautiful.
Becca and her crew did an amazing job, transforming the space!

I was able to help out and bring my flower ball forms for added decoration!

There were some AMAZING treats and desserts there to enjoy.
I thought this cake was adorable... from Amberlicious Cakes!
And the little mini cupcakes from So Cupcakes... were DELISH!

These were my sister in law, Karlie's... amazing flower arrangements, from Garden House Floral!
Aren't these to die for BEAUTIFUL!?

The whole reason for this fun shin-dig, was to raise money/items for the March of Dimes.
It's such an amazing cause.
You can find out more about it HERE, to do your part in Utah.
They have lots of amazing walks and other fundraisers to get involved in!

These are just a FEW of the amazing gifts that were brought, to donate, for the event!

The raffle was a TON of fun!
LOTS of fun, great prizes given away.
I'm pretty sure that we ALL walked away with something!

This bag was SO cute! Dana from D'Lea Designs made it!

Ronda from Bachelor Way

Lesli from The Harker Harold

I just love this girl.  She's so full of great ideas!
We're thinking that we need to host a combined craft night! Wha'da say?  Who wants to come?

Sorry!  I have spaced half of the names and sites of the amazing ladies I met, but it was a pleasure to meet all of you!

A big thanks to the Service Soapbox committee for throwing such a great fundraiser!


  1. What a great fundraiser! What a wonderful and thoughtful way to help the March of Dimes.

    Good job, everyone.
    :) Laura

  2. I have a niece that was a March of Dimes baby. Love this fundraiser! I love that you got to met Jen...she is my favorite and a friend I haven't got to meet yet.

  3. Sooo fun! I loved seeing you there! I love your hugs. I love you! (sorry that got a little creepy).
    Count me in for the combined craft night! You two ladies could take over the craft world!

  4. I seriously need to move to Utah so I can come to the craft night! Utah must be the "super-awesome-crafty-bloggers" state!!! I love the flower balls!!! It's my wish that you made them and sold them because I would totally 100% buy them from you!!!!

  5. Oh how I wish I could have made it! It looks like everyone had so much fun!

    I would LOVE to come to a combined craft night! You guys should totally do one! I would drive all the way down from Rock Springs to come!

  6. What a great event!!!!
    If you guys start hosting craft nights I am coming to UT for a visit. :)

  7. How fun! Thanks for sharing the great pictures..what a great cause :)
    If you two host a craft night I'm flying to UT!!!! ;)
    Besides I WANT some of that yummy bread..lol :)

  8. Love the pictures and what a fun event! I am so glad I could be there and meet you and so many talented bloggin' ladies! When the next event is planned - count me in for anything you need.

  9. Ya'll live in Utah right? I think I need to move there. :) Looks like way too much fun!

  10. Looks like it was fabulous! I am so in on the Craft night! Just tell me where and when-I will bring diet coke and m&m's!

  11. It was so much fun Shelley! I had the greatest time chatting with you guys. Love you tons!!!

    Let's do that craft night!!!


  12. Wait, what?!!! You met THE Jen???! Dying of jealousy over here!


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