Twin Room Progress

{Project: "Girly Twin Room"}

Wow. It wasn't until I actually put this little picture collage together, that I realized how much this little room has been through in 3 years. LOL.
No thanks to my ever changing mind... :)
I'm not totally done (don't think I'll ever be)
But I wanted to share what we have finished so far!

The pink has made an exit. I liked the IDEA of pink... (where have I said that before?? lol)
But I was thinking... "I'll be painting this soon" the DAY we put the color up. lol. Probably more to appease my hubby, I left it as long as I did.
I have fallen in LOVE with this Autumn Haze from Glidden, that's mostly all over in the rest of the house, and it matched well with the twins' cream in their quilts... I had a bunch left over... so I went with it... and am REALLY liking it against the white trim.

I have been eying THESE bunk beds forEVER, but knew i could NEVER afford them... so I did a TON of research... and thanks to the KSL adds, we found this lovely set of bunkbeds for a 1/4 of the cost! AND we added the drawers, for extra storage!
I'm LOVING the fresh, clean look, but they are a PAIN in the, you know what... to make! WHEW! lol
When we finally decide to move the girls downstairs, as they get older, these beds come apart. So that will be nice!

We added some fun touches...
New hardware for the closet doors from Home Depot

A new $40 chandelier from IKEA
(we had to basically disassemble the whole thing, to get it to the right height, but it was worth it...)

I had this fun dress form that was it's original brown iron color, so I took some pink spray paint to it... and wa-la!

Cason's Mom bought me this cute $7.00 frame at a consignment shop, a few weeks back.

We bought some fun new knobs from Anthropology they have some of the funkiest, neatest hardware there. LOVE that place!

Ooo! Remember this guy! He's made an appearance in here as well! :)
I plan on hanging a long mirror here, with a cute pink hook.
Put some vinyl there too! Of course. LOL

This is just a picture of the trim we did.
We bought these precut boards from HD for about... $2.00 a piece, put them up with some liquid nails, and then added the piece of trim on top! SO EASY!

The girls love these!
And I love them, because it takes up wall space, without having to actually HANG something on the wall.

Well, there you have it! I love this room because it has TONS of natural light pouring in every morning. It's so refreshing. And I'm pretty sure it will stay like this for a while...!
Your welcome, hubby! :)


  1. I love love love their room. Such a sweet little girls space. So girly and so darn cute. You should enter it into a magazine!

  2. Awesome job Shelley!! Your talent never ceases to amaze me :)
    I agree w/ the other comment you should enter it in a magazine!

  3. That is so pretty! I love the surprise pops of blue. Great Job.

  4. I have the same IKEA chandelier with the same problem regarding the height of the thing. What did they make it for?? It hangs nearly to the floor! LOL

    (Sending my husband here to see it CAN be made shorter.)

  5. Where on earth did you find those precious quilts in the twins room? I love love love them!

  6. Adorable little girls room! I love the idea of the drawers under the bed, might have to borrow that for my son's room.

    I have had Glidden's Autumn Haze in my dining room for the last 10 years. Love it! I have yet to grow tired of it. Good choice.

  7. Hey Shelley,
    How far apart did you space the boards and what is the width of the boards themselves? Looks so cute! Thinking about doing it in my girls room

  8. I would love to know where you got the quilts too...

  9. i just found your blog. i love your style, your home is beautiful. if you don't mind me asking... where did you find those quilts?

  10. Such a pretty little girls room! I love that you've kept it the colors and simple.

  11. i like your style, your blog and ideas, love your bedroom,bed is soo calming and pretty.You have it dressed to perfection!thanks for sharing :)

  12. Just found your blog and I adore this room! I have twin girls, too, and you've inspired me to start thinking about their "big girl" room. Looking forward to exploring more posts now!

  13. You did it again. Absolutely adorable~

  14. I'd love to know where you found the quilts in your twins room. They are just what I am looking for my youngest bedroom. Thanks!

  15. Shelly,
    Just bought the same light for my daughters room...brought it home and realized it was going to hang way too low also!!! So I brought it to my handy neighbors house for brainstorming with her hubby, and this is the EXACT idea that we came up with. Now I'm looking for the ceiling plate. Where did you find yours?

    Thank you!!!!


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