Beadboard Hallway Frames

{Hallway Makeover}
I've been working on my hallway makeover for a WHILE now. I feel like it took forever, because it has been one of the last places that we finished painting.  But it's almost complete!
The thing that kept me going were these AWESOME bead board frames.  They are from The Wood Connection, here in Utah.  I stopped by and picked up three of them, and got to work.
I've been trying to make my home more crisp, clean, and open... And I think that just this little hallway, made a BIG impact!
What do ya think?

Here's the before.... Not bad, but just not us anymore...

Here's the hallway primed and ready to paint...

And here's what it looks like today!  We hung these heavy frames with Command picture hanging strips to keep them really straight and "crooked resistant" ha!  Basically, it's a small space, so we wanted to make sure that if people were accidentally to bump into them, they would fall off the wall.
It totally opens up and brightens the dark hallway! I love it!  I still have to figure out what else I want to do, to hide the AWFUL doorbell box...

Maybe some vinyl... or another rod... or something...
Once my funds increase again, I'll have to figure that one out! :)


  1. It looks great! Love how light and airy it is :)
    Yeah my doorbell box is just like that, what is up w/ that? lol...

  2. Oh I am lovin all your inspiration! Your house is looking amazing! Maybe all your fun stuff and the other inspiring blogs you share will help me with decorating when we finally get around to getting a home in Texas!

  3. ooh, i love that look! simple, clean & sophisticated! nice work- cute pictures and frames!

  4. Shelley - I love it! It looks wonderful. You have such style girl!

    Can you move that doorbell up to the top of the wall? Or around the corner? Why did they stick it in the middle. Weird.


  5. I bet the frames look even cooler in person! Love the look. So simple and chunky.

  6. I love it. What neat photo frames, I like how wide they are.

  7. Love the frames and the hallway!! Sweet!! And the door bell..not as big of a deal as you think!!

  8. Crisp & clean- Love it!
    Just paint the doorbell box the same color as your walls, that's what I did!

  9. beautiful! I agree with whitney... paint the doorbell the same wall color.

  10. Love the change... the frames are so cute... love how thick they are. Thanks for joining the Power of Paint Party (POPP).

  11. are you still in az? did you find the beadboard frames around here? i would love to know where you found them. thanks!

  12. Love it! Also, I just have to say that your little girls are just beautiful! They are the best part of the hallway!

  13. I think you and I have a lot in common with our color switching! You said "it's not bad, it's just not me anymore". What a great way to word the change:) I still love the warm colors but the light airy colors bring an uplifted fresh feeling with them. Don't you think?

  14. I have been enjoying your home makeovers! We are building a new home right now and your home ideas keep popping into my brain. I just wanted to share what I did to hide the ugly doorbell box in my last home. It was in the main entry way right as you walk in the front door. I hung a shelf in the center of the wall and put a hollow, tin star on the shelf directly in front of the bell box. Along with a few other frames, a clock, a topiary etc., it became one of my favorite things in my home! Just a thought. I am sure you could find a way to keep that simple, airy feeling in your entry and cover that bothersome box too. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  15. Love, Love, Love how this hallway redo came out!! I have a house full of warm colors and am looking to slowly transition into lighter, crisper, clean colors myself... just curious if this hallway color is the one you have listed in your side bar "autumn haze" by Glidden?

  16. My niece told me about your blog. I love it! I would love to paint my front room that color. What kind of paint and what color did you use. If you don't mind me asking?

  17. My doorbell box is in a weird spot as well. Did you ever figure out a way to hide yours?


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